Why QR Codes are the Clear Winner over NFC for Contactless Payments and Data Sharing?

QR Codes and NFC have become the two main technologies for contactless payments and document sharing in this crucial period. However, NFC still needs physical contact due to its very short range for digital file sharing and payment transfers. 

When the Coronavirus crisis is at an all time high, it is very vital to avoid physical contact when going out. This is the reason barcode scanner has been a very vital tool as QR codes are known to be more secure than NFC as they can be scanned from farther distance. 

QR Codes vs. NFC

In some circumstances, NFC is considered to be helpful but it cannot beat QR codes in terms of convenience and security. QR codes can be used in different ways and support different devices. They don’t have any limitations related to range and they don’t need physical contact unlike NFC.  

NFC is not supported in all devices 

It goes without saying that some latest smartphones have NFC but all of the devices don’t have this feature. You cannot add NFC tag to your device if your phone doesn’t have this feature inbuilt. You would have to use a smartwatch or other wearables to make mobile payments through NFC.  

On the other side, QR codes can save you from spending hundreds of dollars on a smartwatch and make the process a lot easier. There are several mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay which enable mobile payments by scanning QR codes. You just have to install an app and scan the QR code of the vendor to make payment without any physical contact. 

NFC has very short range

The most annoying issue with NFC is that it has a radius of only 1.5 inches (4 cm). In addition, NFC tags are placed in various areas of your device. So, you need to rub and touch the devices together to transfer data. So, NFC is very much useless these days as it can spread infection with the touch of contaminated surfaces. 

On the other side, QR code is a completely contactless technology which doesn’t need you to get your smartphone in contact with contaminated surfaces. You can scan QR codes from a distance and easily maintain social distancing. You can scale up QR codes as large as required. Keep in mind that you use a high quality image of QR code and its resolution should be at least 2×2 cm or devices couldn’t read it.  

Compatibility issues 

Another worst thing is that NFC is not compatible with all devices. NFC is also adversely affected when a user updates their device. It is also not prepared for convenient and universal transfer of digital data. On the other side, QR codes are universally accepted and they don’t need any specific device to work. All you need to open your payment app and tap on the barcode scan option and you can easily handle the whole transaction.

Is the POS System Really Beneficial for Business Accounting?

contactless pos

A lot of retailers prefer POS systems in order to make their accounting more efficient and foolproof. Choosing the modern POS technology really helps in daily issues, no matter what type of business you are running. Unrecorded sales, human errors, failed inventories to shape tallies, and time spent on fixing them are very common troubles that can affect your profitability in the long run. You can easily avoid these incidents using the best POS machine as it collects information and shows the status of your business and improves the same consistently. Here are some of the reasons that make POS the right tool for your business to manage accounting

Improved Efficiency 

You can really save your time on paperwork, accounting, scheduling staff hours, and inventories by installing a POS system in your business. It does all the regular jobs for you. This way, you can have a lot of time for serving the customers. You can literally make your business efficient with a reliable POS system and your customers will really love your store. 

Organized Information

Usually, accountants have to login to the clients’ software, gather several reports for the records, review each report manually, and enter the data to their accounting software at the end of the day. During this process, all of the accounting and operational records are unorganized. This way, you can save operational and financial records in balance in this approach and you can retrieve those records at any time. There is no need to look for the accountant to put all the reports together at the end. 

Improve Customer Relationships 

The POS structures have been really helpful to the retailers when it comes to save time and focus on managing customers. Choosing the right POS can be helpful to answer the queries of customers or interacting with them online earlier than contacting the customer helpdesk. It is a very common practice in e-trade where systems respond to the chats quickly. With the help of your business, quick remarks make customers valued and build loyalty. 

Inventory Management 

POS technology has great stock management features. From tracking the number of products in stock to putting reorder triggers together, the POS system can easily get you covered. It can save hours of inventory reporting every week. In addition, you can have real-time inventory information in real time with your POS System. It is something that even cash registers cannot deliver. 

Bottom Line 

All in all, you can save a lot of time and efforts using a POS system in your business. It can save a lot of man hours a bookkeeper takes to enter each document and process properly. It automates the accounting procedure and handles everything in a shorter time.  It can also reduce the expenses on operating a business while improving the end result and boosting productivity.

How a Contactless POS Helps Restaurants to Boost Revenue?

Contactless dining has really been a great boost in the digital transformation of the fine dining industry with the increasing worries about COVID-19 infection. As pandemic arrives, restaurateurs are looking for new ways to speed up table ordering, reduce labor costs and risk of infection instead of closing their doors. Hospitality experts are coming up with new and much-needed solutions for in-seat ordering, mobile tipping, and online payments synced to the POS system in a restaurant. 

Here are the ways how a touch-less mobile-based POS solution can help restaurants drive revenue and improve the dining experience – 

Improved Guest Experience – It becomes important for full-service restaurants to thrive by offering an improved dining experience to the guests. It becomes important for a mobile payment and contactless guest ordering to compliment the same experience. Guests need flexibility to assign names and identify allergies to each guest in the party. A lot of restaurateurs have rebranded their takeout/delivery solutions during these tough times. 

Flexible Food Prep Hours – Suppose you own a full-service restaurant and a group of four guests visit you. You may need to cook their meals and serve at the same time. This way, you can merge the mobile contactless solution and ordered items can be timed by course to meet the service standards and guests’ expectations. You may receive several guests ordering separately at the same table from their mobile devices. You can merge, hold and release those orders from a team member or server to the kitchen. 

Save Labor Costs – There are challenges in a low margin industry due to which even contingency plans are not prepared. It is very vital to provide a completely safe and contactless platform to improve the adoption from the guests. It can help save labor costs without having any compromise on guest experience. 

QR Code Security – With the launch of latest contactless solutions, QR codes have been reborn. Now they are widely used to order food and drinks, browse menus, and pay through mobile devices at the restaurant. When tabletop QR codes seem to be convenient, there are security risks. On the other side, unique QR codes for each table can save you from potential risks like – 

  •  Someone outside the restaurant can view and access live checks as static QR codes can be used anywhere. 
  • Third-parties or hackers also have a tool to keep track on sales and affect your business. 


Contactless and safe platform is all diners need to check the full menu of the restaurant and get the service in real time ordered from their own mobile devices. It also brings seamless guest dining. It boosts customer loyalty, revenues as well as the bottom line of your business. Reduced shared touch points is very vital considering the uncertain future due to pandemic.