FedEx Settles Class Action In Bogus Shipping Surcharges

News Today : Federal Express Corp. has settled a class action in Tennessee federal court alleging it committed mail and wire fraud and breached its contract with customers by charging more than $5 million in bogus residential delivery surcharges for packages sent to businesses and government buildings.

FedEx and UPS being 2 of the top shippers in the US, provide great delivery service and package tracking. The rise in gas prices, and labor cost has caused delivery charges to increase through the years. Gemini Computers uses FedEx, UPS, and USPS for all of their POS Equipment, and Security Camera shipments.

Fedex pos

Fedex pos delivery

Cold weather in NYC this week !

This week New York City has seen the temperature drop from 55F on one day, to -5F the next night. The fog on the car window even turned to ice. Niagara Falls was said to freeze on certain portions in the first time in 50 year. Well … walking around with T-Shirts is out for now.

  • Do Touch Screens ever freeze ?
  • Do Security Cameras ever stop working in the cold ?
  • What is the lowest temperature for a Dome Heater Blower ?

Certified outdoor CCTV equipment and professional sealed POS units are the way to go.

Till next time when the weather gets warmer …

NYC on Jan 2014

NYC in winter

The New TM-T20II POS Receipt Printer

This is a great entry level POS receipt printer by Epson. It is a cost effective printer and comes included with a USB cable and power supply. The USB and Serial pos interfaces, are built in.

Epson’s cost-effective, energy-efficient TM-T20II thermal Point-of-Sale (POS) printer is ideal for low-volume retailers, food service and virtual terminal applications. It offers fast receipts and coupon printing, high reliability and easy-to-use features. In addition, it has paper-saving options that can reduce paper usage by up to 30%.

To shop, see link:

Epson TM-T20ii POS Receipt Printer

Epson TM-T20ii POS Receipt Printer