POS Receipt Printer Buying Guide – Key Features to Look For

Posted by Jim Walker
POS Receipt Printer

POS Receipt Printer

If you don’t know about various types of receipt printers, we are here to help you with this guide. A lot of businesses with walk-in shoppers should give receipts as purchase records. You can choose from different types of receipt printers. It can be very simple for you to select the type of printer you need. Thermal and dot matrix are two different types of POS receipt printers used widely in retail businesses. 

Thermal Receipt Printer 

It is a high-speed printer that doesn’t need an ink ribbon as it uses heat-sensitive chemically treated paper. The paper remains in direct contact with the print head, and it burns characters over the thermal receipt printer. The thermal receipt printer is widely used in the retail and restaurant industry, but it cannot be used in the restaurant kitchen. Due to exposure to high heat, the thermal paper turns black. 

Front Paper Exit Thermal Printer 

It is an excellent alternative to the top paper standard printer as it can easily resist spills and various contaminants from entering the printer. It can take place more constantly. The front paper printer is an excellent choice for restaurants where liquids can spill over the receipt printer. 

Printer Speed 

You can choose from fast and super-fast thermal receipt printers. But keep in mind that faster printers cost more. You need to select one which is right for your budget and your business. You can go for 250mm/second to 350mm/second print speed if your business remains busy all day long, and you need to print long receipts. These are super fast printers as they can keep your long receipts and queues moving at the right speed. 

Otherwise, you can go for printers with 150mm/second to 220mm/second speed. They also print fast, and they can fulfill the need if you don’t print long receipts. 

Impact Receipt Printer 

Dot-matrix or impact printer is a relatively old technology that uses 3” plain paper and ink ribbon. They are used in the hot and humid restaurant kitchen and other areas where thermal printers are of no use. They are used when you need the receipt in yellow copy or journal format. These days, advanced POS systems are capable of keeping track of sales data. 

Auto Cutter 

Mostly, every thermal printer has an auto-cutter these days. It is a guillotine device to cut the receipt off. It can easily remove the receipt. But a lot of Star Micronics printers have a tear bar only. Tear bar is simply a jagged tooth to cut into the paper by pulling it manually. A lot of impact receipt printers have an auto-cutter or tear bar. Keep in mind that printers without auto cutter are generally less expensive. 

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