Is AI Security Camera Worth Your Investment? How Does It work?

Posted by Jim Walker

Security Camera

Artificial intelligence security cameras or AI security cameras are known to be the next big thing these days. Even a far-sighted manufacturer wants to invest in innovative security systems these days. Here’s what an AI security camera can do for your home or business security – 

Better sensors 

AI security cameras are capable to detect whether an object is a human, a pet or a tree or any element. It is the first and foremost benefit. Hence, you will be alerted only when a real intruder enters. It won’t bother you from pets or tree shreds like traditional security systems. 

Detects Unusual Behavior 

Some AI security cameras are capable to collect the data and analyze the footage to figure out what is normal for a specific situation. If any unusual event is captured, the system will alert the user through their preferred method and saves most of the time to review most of the footage. Some AI security cameras are so advanced that they can detect some movements like moving of specific objects. It really helps in surveillance like retail stores to capture shoplifters who pick small items. 

Face Detection 

Another added bonus of AI security cameras is their facial recognition feature for home security. They can easily detect familiar and new faces. You can easily be alerted whenever an unknown person breaks in. Along with it, these cameras can even record the conspicuous person who breaks into your property and identifies them whenever they show up again. These security cameras can even alert security professionals. 

Tracking Objects 

AI security cameras can easily track and analyze certain objects like weapons and moving vehicles. If this surveillance system detects a new face, it focuses on the target with its optical zoom. They can record a video of the person or take a clear shot of the picture. This way, you won’t miss any event on your property. 

Voice Recognition 

Along with recording footage or capturing pictures, the AI security camera can also understand what it hears. It can also follow your commands like Alexa. You can just command the AI camera and tell what you want to see, for example when your son came back home yesterday. You don’t have to search for the clips among large files. 

How Do They work?

Are you wondering how an AI security camera can be so smart that it can detect what’s going on and alert us whenever a real threat takes place? Well, it can be made possible with its hardware and integrated sensor. The AI security cameras are capable to produce an updated 3D model of its areas. 

It is triggered only by 3D movements like animals and humans to alert the user. The AI security cameras can detect the children, adults, pets and unknown faces with deep machine learning. It alerts you whenever a real threat happens.

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