Top Restaurant Technology Trends to Look For in 2020

Posted by Jim Walker
Top Restaurant Technology Trends to Look For in 2020

Top Restaurant Technology Trends to Look For in 2020

In this day and age, restaurants started embracing technology at a rapid pace and a lot of entrepreneurs started automating their process. A lot of leading restaurant chains are embracing tech solutions by considering the existing industry challenges to sort out labor shortages and other issues affecting their profits. 

There is a desperate need for individual restaurants to follow the latest tech trends in order to stand out and meet the rising needs of both customers and staff. Restaurant owners are willing to invest in tech solutions to run their businesses smoothly. Here are some of the leading restaurant technology trends to redefine the restaurant industry this year. 

Inventory Management and POS Systems

Cloud technology has really set the restaurant POS market by storm. It has provided surprising operational benefits to the restaurant owners, from easy workflows to payment processing. Restaurant POS system has been connected to several technologies like guest-facing technology, online ordering platforms, and even kitchen displays. Cloud POS prodders can easily make their systems more accessible. There are POS systems that can be integrated into tablets, computers, smartphones, laptops, and tabletop ordering systems. 

Food Delivery Drones and Robots 

It is one of the most appealing and innovative restaurant technology trends. It can solve problems on both customers’ and operators’ end as customers don’t have to tip delivery valets and restaurants can save on labor costs. Dominos has also tested self-driving vehicles in Las Vegas and Miami. 

Amazon, Google, and Uber are also testing their drones for delivery. It can definitely cut down the waiting time of customers. Drones can complete up to 15 deliveries per hour as compared to 3 deliveries per hour by car. It can significantly improve sales volumes. However, they need to be regulated officially and they also need to deal with weather and logistics challenges. Delivery drones need clear weather to fly and a safe place to land, while it is not clear who will be responsible if self-driving vehicles get involved in road accidents. 

Chatbots on Restaurants 

These are relatively new technologies and they are quite popular. They don’t need a lot of investment and they can easily integrate with several communication channels. They provide a personalized experience for placing orders online, booking tables, or getting replies to FAQs. A chatbot can recommend dishes, ask for feedback, suggest F&B options, share trivia games, offer discounts and process payments. They can improve the overall guest experience and save up the time of employees. 

Self-ordering kiosks 

Today’s customer has become tech-savvy. They already prefer self-ordering kiosks at restaurant chains. This technology benefits quick-serve restaurants in different ways – 

  • The shorter queue at the counter – This technology splits the queue into two parts to reduce workload employees in rush hours and wait times for customers. 
  • All the add-ons available are displayed for each menu along with combo offers and deals. 
  • Eliminates misunderstandings as customers can easily see what to order.

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