Top 5 Best Mobile POS Apps You Must Be Using in 2020

Posted by Jim Walker

Whether you want to switch to a new system or it’s your first time to use a mobile POS system, we have listed the best mPOS options that are suitable for every budget. These POS systems work as mobile POS for events, countertop solutions, and for both restaurants and retail businesses. 

1. Square

At No.1 in this list is Square which comes with a range of features that are suitable for both retailers and quick-serve cafes and restaurants as it is very versatile. It also goes without saying that shopping cart integration and free online stores open up the way to sell online. It works on countertops and iPad with a cash drawer and receipt printer. It also works on a smartphone with emailed receipts and Bluetooth card reader. It doesn’t need Wi-Fi or cellular internet for payment processing. It can queue payments offline and process them later when you go online. So, there is no need to worry when the internet is down in your area for some reason. 

2. ShopKeep

ShopKeep is loaded with lots of amazing features such as iPad POS. It can accept payments through Apple Play. It also comes with amazing features at the backend like inventory management for ingredients in restaurants, inventory management for retail, and staff management with time clock. ShopKeep is integrated into iPad and Clover POS hardware, along with Clover Flex. The processing fee and monthly service fee is reasonable. You can keep track of your business when you are out of town with the Shopkeep Pocket app. Clover Flex device enables you to accept payment on the go with 4G signal. 

3. Lightspeed Retail

Created way back in the year 2005, LightSpeed is used by over 50,000 businesses worldwide. The iPad app of the system offers a lot of features like store credit, multi-tender options, inventory management, purchase items, options to sell items separately and buy items in bulk, CRM, staff management, multi-store functionality, and CRM. Lightspeed can also be installed on iPad for your employees to take payments, show product images to customers, and descriptions from the sales floor and cut down on waiting times. It is the most advanced and affordable retail POS system with monthly fee ranging from $99 onwards. You can also use it on a desktop with a web browser. 

4. Toast 

It is a mobile POS system for Android which is tailored for bars and restaurants. It is an all-inclusive, advanced POS as well as restaurant management system. It consists of menu management, cloud-based reporting, and kitchen display. Some of the add-on features are gift card support, online ordering, employee management, and advanced inventory. 

5. Shopify 

It was initially an ecommerce software store but it later became an all-in-one POS software provider with robust and integrated payment processing. You can easily scale up and upgrade your system as your business expands.

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