How to Connect a Cash Drawer to Receipt Printer?

Posted by Jim Walker

Cash Drawer

A POS cash drawer enables storage of cash, checks, stamps, coins and other valuables. It provides proper organization and security for your POS system. A receipt printer interprets signals to POS cash drawer to open only when it is required. We will discuss how to configure it with a receipt printer. But first of all, we will discuss the ways to choose the best type of cash drawer. 

Choosing the Best Cash Drawer  

Cash Tray 

Cash tray is simply a plastic tray that fits well in a cash drawer. The tray is capable of sorting currency, including coins and bills. A lot of cash trays are similar in looks with some changes in dividers, plastic, and situation of tray in drawer. 

Media Slots

These slots are located opposite the drawer. In these openings, you can easily put the checks, coupons, or card slips beneath the cash tray. You don’t actually have to open the drawer to access these slots. 

Locking Feature

All cash drawers consist of locking systems categorized by their position. In general, the cost of cash drawer varies in the locking position. 


You may want to choose the interface design to enable your cash drawer to work with you. Simply speaking, you need to choose the way the opening of the cash drawer should be triggered. Cash drawers generally have three connectivity options – serial driven, manually driven, and printer driver. 

Connecting Cash Drawer to Receipt Printer 

A cash drawer can be triggered to open whenever you finish the sale as it is connected to the receipt printers. A lot of receipt printers come with a special connector for the cash drawer. Check the user manuals of both cash drawers and receipt printers to ensure they can support one another. Refer to the cash drawer and receipt printer manuals to ensure compatibility. 

  • Before connecting, make sure the printer can be paired with POS with bills and print receipts option in settings. 
  • On the receipt printer, look for the cash drawer socket 
  • Plugin the cash drawer cable to the socket 
  • Turn on the printer and ring up sales with the given POS software. When you finish the sale, the cash drawer will open automatically. 

Cash drawer also opens in the following cases – 

  • When you print a refund receipt for cash refund
  • When closing shifts to calculate final amount of cash 
  • When opening shifts to enter initial amount of cash 
  • When you perform ‘pay in’ and ‘payout’ to store money and take from the drawer
  • When you will use the option ‘print test’ to test the connection to your printer with POS software 

Can I Open Cash Drawer without Sale?

You can open a cash drawer without even making a sale by setting the right. Simply go to the Employee section and “Access Rights”. Now open the group to edit. Now you can enable opening the cash drawer in the POS section. Save the progress. In the Menu option, you can tap on the “Open Cash Drawer” button. It is displayed when a printer is connected with the “Print Receipts” option. 

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