What are the Best Features of POS Systems to look for?

Posted by Jim Walker

barcode scannerAre you looking for the POS system that can match your needs? We will evaluate the key features that can make a great POS system in this guide. Before you buy a POS system, consider the following pointers – 


Payment Processing 

It is the first and foremost feature to look for in a POS system. Some of the options come with in-build payment processors while some are integrated with third party processors. If you already have a payment processor and are using it, look for a POS system which is integrated with the same company. 


Easy to Setup and User Friendly 

You need to look for a POS system which is easy to set up. Some systems don’t even need hardware. It is as easy as having software on your device. You may also need to buy additional hardware through them. These setups are not easy but not always difficult. Once your POS is running again, the solution must be easy to use for your team. If you are in the retail industry or restaurant, there are chances that you have high turnover and plenty of part-time workers. So, daily use and training with POS must be easy. 


Ecommerce Functionalities 

Go with a POS system that is capable of working with your online store if you want to sell your products online or already doing it. On the other side, you can get in trouble with inventory management. If you are just selling at your store but want to make a presence in ecommerce, you need to look for a complete solution which comes with a cost-effective plan. 



Do you want to look for equipment or your own hardware when it comes to buying POS software? There are different things to look for. You first need to consider price. But the hardware can also play its part in ease of use which has been discussed already. The kind of hardware will depend on your business. Suppose you are a coffee shop owner, you may definitely look for a customer-facing terminal. Other retail locations may look for mobile POS to be used on the floor. 


Inventory Management 

A lot of POS systems provide some kind of inventory management support. Some plans offer better services. You may want to upgrade the existing plan to get the most of inventory tracking. If you are not going to sell online and you have a store, it may not be vital for business. Proper inventory management is vital if you need more extensive operation. 


Type of Business and Niche 

Some POS solutions are based on industry. For instance, LightSpeed is ideal for personalized orders and TouchBistro is ideal for food service business. Size is a very vital factor when choosing the ideal POS software. 

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