Common Myths about Cloud POS for Restaurants Busted

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Over 73% companies have moved their application or a part of their infrastructure have been backed up to the cloud, as per the Cloud Computing Survey. There are still a lot of myths related to restaurant POS systems and cloud computing. Due to these myths, some restaurateurs avoid switching to cloud POS solutions and refrain from using the most innovative and solid POS solutions that can make their operations smoother.  

Many restaurant owners don’t trust cloud POS systems and their credibility, despite having a lot of benefits of cloud POS and avoid leaving their traditional POS system. With that said, let’s discuss some of the common myths of cloud POS for restaurants –

1. Switching from Old-School POS to Cloud-based system is time consuming and not that easy 

Many restaurateurs feel that it takes a lot of time to take the whole data to cloud from local servers and they might lose vital business data. On the other side, it takes several days to implement traditional POS. In fact, you can easily set up the whole cloud POS solution within a day. You just need at least 2 hours to integrate all your restaurant menus with cloud software. Many restaurant owners are worried about losing data during migration. But a robust cloud POS can retail all your old data by keeping it online. It is known to have a user-friendly interface and detailed architecture. So, it doesn’t need any special training. 

2. Cloud POS is expensive 

In fact, cloud POS is significantly more affordable than traditional POS. Old-school legacy POS systems need expensive servers and bulky hardware which need a lot of maintenance. On the flip side, cloud based POS can save upfront cost as it doesn’t need expensive servers. It just costs a subscription fee upfront, varies as per your specific needs. There are no expenses or hidden charges in re-installing the cloud system as it stores everything online. 

3. There is no Assurance of Complete Security 

It is another common concern of restaurant owners that their daily operations are at risk of security threat. Security of data on SaaS application is another common concern. They prefer physical servers for data storage. But cloud POS is very much secure as it backups the data with several security features and provides responsive and reliable access to the restaurants. You can have responsive and easy access to the data. On both backend and front end, database information is encrypted by these systems and there is no data breach here. 

4. Software Updates make the system lagging 

Cloud software provides smooth services flow with larger bandwidth without any issues related to lagging during the operations. Cloud POS updates smoothly with new software versions or features. Only the central system must be updated and it reflects in all other devices automatically. 

Benefits of POS Barcode Scanners for Your Bakery Business


Your bakery relies on your raw materials and their freshness. Hence, inventory management and backend operations are known to be very vital. A bakery POS system must be able to integrate robust management of barcodes. You can add more control over stock by having a barcode scanner and know when a perishable item is near expiry. 

A barcode is an optical, machine-readable form of data which includes all the details of a product. It is printed as a parallel line pattern and numbers in varying widths printed on a product. These patterns are used mainly for inventory control and they are also referred to as one-dimensional or linear. A barcode can be helpful to keep track of the items easily and improve the billing operations. You can rest assured with fast and best performance and customer satisfaction whenever they enter your bakery with a foolproof POS system. A POS barcode scanner can streamline operations for you and the customers. 

First of all, it will help track the lifespan of perishable goods and, secondly, also streamline the billing process for prices. It can improve customer satisfaction at the end. Read on to know some of the major benefits of POS barcode scanner for your bakery business. 


Benefits of Barcode Scanner for Bakery 


Saves Time with Quick Billing 

When was the last time when you had done the whole inventory manually? It might have a lot of risk of errors, apart from making the process boring and time wasting. Rather than logging in manually everything, you just have to scan the barcode which has all the details. It automatically syncs the data to the system. It improves the billing process while improving customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Reducing Scope of Mistakes while Improving Efficiency

Especially when it comes to dealing with dates and numbers, manual work has a lot of room for errors. You cannot pin down your staff and these mistakes are common. These mistakes don’t just bring inconsistency, but it also doubles the time to complete the task. You can perform daily operations with barcode scanners even when you have limited staff while ensuring efficiency of maintaining the operation. 

Reducing odds of conflicts

It goes without saying that there are some people who just fill in their pockets in your absence. This is where you can seek help from technology. By automating the whole operation, you can easily avoid pilferages, shoplifting and internal thefts. You can focus more on planning and deploying strategies for customer service when you know that your bakery is doing well in the background. 

It is not easy to manage inventory of your bakery diligently and run it smoothly. You need to work on it for several years to excel in. You need to employ all the strategies to make your operations smoother. 

Top Features to Look for in Salon and Spa POS Systems


Salon POS systems are tailored to serve independent spas and beauty salons along with spas at resorts and hotels. POS systems are vital for any business and salons are one of them. But businesses like retail stores and restaurants operate differently. Spas and salons have different needs. So, there is a specific market for salon POS. A lot of POS systems have important features vital to operate and run a business. Here are some of the key features to look for in salon POS software – 

Loyalty Program 

A lot of salon and spa customers may return to them on a regular basis, excluding the ones who visit a spa on a resort because they are on a vacation. They form interpersonal relationships and become comfortable with staff. Customers who keep returning to your salon or spa display loyalty to the business. With the help of effective salon POS, you can easily reward your returning customers with promo codes and discounts with in-built loyalty programs. 

Appointment Management and Scheduling 

If you have ever been to a salon, you may have realized that they must have arrangements to schedule an appointment or call ahead for a specific day and time. Traditional barber shops usually have unexpected walk-in customers and they serve on a first-come, first-serve basis. But it is no longer the case with professional salons as they cater to high profile clients who don’t want to wait for a massage or any other service. This is the reason you must have a POS system in your salon or spa to automate the process of scheduling and appointment to cut the wait time. 

Pre-Payment Online Options 

When customers can pay for their appointment while booking online, a lot of them would do so. These types of features are like godsend for salon and spa managers. A customer will definitely be inclined to reduce no-shows and show up if they can pay before their appointment in advance. In addition, when you pay in advance for some services, there is no option for refund. So, salon POS which has a prepayment option should enable businesses to get the amount.

Online Cancellation 

Your POS system must have online scheduling for customers to book slots for visits. Customers should get a confirmation mail after booking an appointment with other details. You can add a cancellation link on the email confirmation. There are still customers who need to cancel the appointments. It adds convenience to them so they can cancel the same by clicking the link in the given time frame. This way, you can stay updated with the slot which has been freed up by a customer.  You can also get new appointments in the new time slots and reduce the empty time for employees.