What are the Best POS Systems in 2020 to grow Your Business?

Posted by Jim Walker

If you ask what the best POS system is according to us, we would recommend one which can handle the whole business, rather than just processing payments. POS systems help you analyze important sales metrics, track inventory and manage staff. You can choose POS software which can integrate with email marketing and customer loyalty systems. 

Modern POS systems can work with payment processors, accounting systems, ecommerce platforms, and mobile devices. An ideal POS solution doesn’t just improve business, but also improves the overall experience. Choosing the right POS can boost up the sales process in your store, improve accuracy of reporting and avoid manual tasks. 

In this guide, we have come up with the best POS solutions by doing all the hard work for you – 



QuickBooks has always been the leader in accounting solutions for small businesses. But it also offers a comprehensive POS system. Some POS systems offer syncing with accounting solutions with third-party integrations. Using the accounting program and POS from the same company has its own benefits. Your insights and analytics will be very flawless. It can improve your accounting and bookkeeping process at the end. 


It is another great POS system for small businesses. It is the best choice for those who fall in retail or quick-serve categories. They also offer restaurant POS. These systems are very simple to use. You won’t find it hard to train new staff if you have large numbers of employees or part-time staff.  It features a personalized on-boarding process, such as POS setups. The software boosts checkout, automates business tasks and sets up your business for success in the long term. 


It is the ideal online business solution you can get. If you want to sell online or expand your business, you should choose Shopify. You can manage all your online and in-store operations at once. It updates and manages inventory in real time in several locations for in-person and online sales. You can handle transfers between several locations. You can easily create loyalty programs with tools and profiles to build customer loyalty. 


It is one of the most overlooked POS systems but it deserves to be acclaimed in terms of inventory management. Its inventory system can save your time with its integrated centralized purchasing catalogs. You can manage several varieties of products and sell them in bundles. It sends you alerts on items which are running out of stock, tracks unit costs and also pre-books items that are out of stock to be fulfilled whenever they arrive. It is the best choice if your retail business needs special requests, such as work orders, custom items, purchase orders, and layaways. You can meet all your needs smoothly for your small business. 

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