Is it the Right Time to upgrade your Existing POS System?

Posted by Jim Walker

How is the POS System the Right Choice for Today’s Business_

Do you remember the last time when you called your POS system brand new? If not, there are chances that it’s time to get your POS software much-needed upgrade. Even if you did it in the last 5 years, you still need some groundbreaking technology. 

There are many reasons why many businesses suffer because of old technology. Sticking to the old POS system may cause more issues and can cost more than you know. Here are some of the signs that you need to revamp your POS system. 

1. Software is Buggy, Sluggish and Complex 

It is the first and most common sign you need to consider that your POS system is no longer new. If you have an outdated system with scotch tape and dirt, you need to upgrade the same. Ask these questions to yourself – 

  • Am I still struggling with a system which blinks or freezes all the time? 
  • Is training new employees a stress?
  • How many times a week do I need to reboot and restart? 

User-friendly POS systems have been a buzz in the market. There are plenty of ultra-slim and simple platforms available. Your system must build an impression on your customers and show how much you care about your business. 

2. Outdated hardware

Most people use their latest smartphone only for two years or earlier. You may not replace POS hardware more often but the average setup will be outdated within 6-7 years. Latest POS software mostly doesn’t support older hardware. Companies want you to spend more on it. But it is just a part of the truth. Another reason is that older receipt printers, terminals, and cash drawers cannot provide the functionality we need now. A lot of the latest POS systems have the latest OS which are much better than their predecessors. New hardware is a lot lighter, space saving, convenient and visually modern than their costly predecessors. This way, you can free up the space on your counter and add more style to your restaurant or store.  

3. Old Features 

Online inventory tracking was once modern but it has now become a basic requirement. As per the level of functionality to work with, you may need to step into the modern world. How much time is spent by an average consumer on the web? A lot of your revenue might be untapped if you couldn’t find the way to connect with clients online. 

4. Old Payment Processing Options 

If you have still not switched to credit card processing, it’s time. It is always wise to upgrade payment processing to protect against fraud practices, but it also diversifies the payment options. A lot of people prefer to pay with Android Pay or Apple Pay while shopping. If your POS doesn’t have NFC, you might lose a lot of customers. Integrating the card reader is another aspect of processing payments. 

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