Common Myths about Cloud POS for Restaurants Busted

Posted by Jim Walker

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Over 73% companies have moved their application or a part of their infrastructure have been backed up to the cloud, as per the Cloud Computing Survey. There are still a lot of myths related to restaurant POS systems and cloud computing. Due to these myths, some restaurateurs avoid switching to cloud POS solutions and refrain from using the most innovative and solid POS solutions that can make their operations smoother.  

Many restaurant owners don’t trust cloud POS systems and their credibility, despite having a lot of benefits of cloud POS and avoid leaving their traditional POS system. With that said, let’s discuss some of the common myths of cloud POS for restaurants –

1. Switching from Old-School POS to Cloud-based system is time consuming and not that easy 

Many restaurateurs feel that it takes a lot of time to take the whole data to cloud from local servers and they might lose vital business data. On the other side, it takes several days to implement traditional POS. In fact, you can easily set up the whole cloud POS solution within a day. You just need at least 2 hours to integrate all your restaurant menus with cloud software. Many restaurant owners are worried about losing data during migration. But a robust cloud POS can retail all your old data by keeping it online. It is known to have a user-friendly interface and detailed architecture. So, it doesn’t need any special training. 

2. Cloud POS is expensive 

In fact, cloud POS is significantly more affordable than traditional POS. Old-school legacy POS systems need expensive servers and bulky hardware which need a lot of maintenance. On the flip side, cloud based POS can save upfront cost as it doesn’t need expensive servers. It just costs a subscription fee upfront, varies as per your specific needs. There are no expenses or hidden charges in re-installing the cloud system as it stores everything online. 

3. There is no Assurance of Complete Security 

It is another common concern of restaurant owners that their daily operations are at risk of security threat. Security of data on SaaS application is another common concern. They prefer physical servers for data storage. But cloud POS is very much secure as it backups the data with several security features and provides responsive and reliable access to the restaurants. You can have responsive and easy access to the data. On both backend and front end, database information is encrypted by these systems and there is no data breach here. 

4. Software Updates make the system lagging 

Cloud software provides smooth services flow with larger bandwidth without any issues related to lagging during the operations. Cloud POS updates smoothly with new software versions or features. Only the central system must be updated and it reflects in all other devices automatically. 

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