Top 10 Best Cash Drawers in 2020

A cash drawer has instantly become the most important asset for florists, small retail shops, cafes, bars and restaurants for increased security. A POS cash drawer has been designed to keep a high amount of cash safely. They also come with keys and they are strongly made. Some cash drawers also have alarms or bells to make a sound whenever they are opened. These sounds can also be deactivated when not required. Here are some of the best cash drawers for you to choose in 2020. 

1. APG VPK-15B-2A-BX 

It comes with 5 compartments for bills and 5 compartments for coins. It is standard-quality and convenient plastic till which supports APG Vasario 1618 or 1616 cash drawer. It is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene super durable material. So, it has great resistance and rigidity against impact and abrasion. 

2. Star Micronics CD3-1616 

This cash drawer can hold the currencies of US, Latin America and Canada and it has 4 compartments for bills and 8 for coins. It is loaded with 3-stage lock and dual media slots. It can easily serve retail or hospitality businesses.  


It is the 4th generation POS cash drawer series by POS-X. With options for 18.1-inch ION-C18 and 16.1-inch ION-C16, it is very affordable and can easily match with under-counter mounting. It has media slots in the drawer for checks, large bills and other documents. It has 5 compartments for both coins and bills each. 

4. APG Vasario Series 

It ensures smooth operation with roller bearing suspension. It has several till styles to meet different currency needs and it can easily hold international currencies. It has a 4-function lock for added security. 

5. POS-X EVO Pro

It is a heavy-duty cash drawer for high volume restaurant and retail operations. It has a shatter-proof ASB polymer till and ball bearing slides. It can meet heavy demands of the POS market and is built to last. It is made of heavy-duty steel to withstand highest pressure. It has 5-bill/5-coin slots. 

6. APG Series 100

It comes with a 16-inch, compact footprint with configurable and deep till. It can easily fit the countertop well without losing storage. It has easy to adjust media slots with ball-bearing slides made of stainless steel and a strong latch system. 

7. Epsilont TSP143IIILAN 39464910 Cash Drawer cum Printer

It uses thermal printing to save more on paper and avoids the needs for using costly ink or toner. In addition, this model has cutting-edge power saving circuits to reduce the power consumption of printers by around 75% than normal Star printers. It can easily integrate with square POS. 

8. STEELMASTER MMF Cash Drawer with Key Lock 

This cash drawer has keyed lock and heavy-duty construction and scratch-and-chip resistant body. This cash drawer is very reliable and can easily deal with daily wear and tear. 

9. MMF Cash Drawer Advantage 

You don’t need a complex setup to run a successful business. It is very strong with superb security. You don’t need a receipt printer or PC to turn on the drawer. It operates manually and is easy to install. 

10. Star Micronics mPOP

It is the best cash drawer for remote operations, even though it is a bit on the costly side. This small package has everything you need for smooth cash flow. It is fast, light and Bluetooth enabled. It works smoothly with Android, Windows, Mac OSX and iOS platforms.

Why should one buy Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Accounting Software?

Intuit launched QuickBooks Enterprise 2020 in September 2019 and upgraded its existing QuickBooks software. Marketed and developed for growing and non-profit businesses, QuickBooks Enterprise offers end-to-end accounting solutions for accountants, entrepreneurs and accounting firms. It is very powerful and highly flexible software which eases and integrates with plenty of accounting tasks like inventory management, payroll, and accounts receivable and payable. 

Different businesses have different needs and ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work here. So, QuickBooks Enterprise comes with different industry-specific features to meet the demands of most businesses and scale up when required. Here are some of its benefits – 

  • Better Support 

QuickBooks Enterprise offers subscription plans with free track support for one year for accounting software. On the other side, you can get this option as well with Pro software but it is available for one month only. You will need support for several months if you want to switch to accounting software. In addition, Intuit Priority Circle has senior representatives who have deep knowledge and understanding to provide tech support for Enterprise users. 

  • Study Materials and Staff Training 

The software comes with free tools for online training once you buy QuickBooks Enterprise. When using Pro or Premier Versions, you won’t get that many resources. They are very useful with training provided by knowledgeable developers. It also has QuickBooks courses for 1 year available for free. 

  • License to Use Other Applications 

You can easily access other applications with QuickBooks Enterprise edition without any issue. Each application has a free license bundled with the program, including TrueCommerce EDI and Intuit Field Service Management. 

There is no need to install other apps on your own as they are already integrated in QuickBooks Enterprise. When used along with an accounting program, you can have a great edge over the rivals. You can easily manage supply chain, inventory tracking, and payroll with the software.  

  • Processes Larger Files 

The processing power of the enterprise version is really a great benefit. The files of company data vary in size. The Pro version can process only 200MB data and it slows down and crashes because of overload. You can easily process files with Enterprise version with gigs of data. You will be a lot less likely to exceed the size cap as you need to spend less time in order to achieve data to keep the system from crashing. 

  • Increases Permissions 

Permissions come up as a major issue when it comes to choosing vendors. You need to limit access to the users on the basis of security. Enterprise version comes with a new set of security tools for account security. So, it can be a lot easier to assign privileges and permissions with the system. 

Types of Barcode Scanners – How to Choose the Best One?

barcode scanner

Barcodes are basically data codes having important information and data related to any product. Various letters and numbers are encoded with spaces and bars of different widths and lengths. For accuracy in inventory management, these codes are very vital. In this guide, we will cover different barcode scanning technologies and help you make an informed decision.  

Barcode has some white and black spaces with a product number of 12 digits, which is then scanned and decoded by the computer. After decoding the information, the cashier bills the product at the counter.  


Types of Barcode Scanners 

On the basis of technology used, there are basically 4 types of barcode scanners –  

Pen Method 

These are usually barcode wands which have photodiode at the tip and LED light. When you slide this pen-like scanner on the barcode, the white and black bars are illuminated with LED light. As per their thickness, the reflected lights vary from these bars. The photodiode captures the light and converts the same into digital data.  You need to pass the scanner on the barcode at a specific speed. The scanner should also be in touch with the barcode. Accuracy of data is also affected by any kind of human disturbance.  

Laser barcode scanners 

These types of barcode scanners are very popular and are used widely in the retail industry. They are more accurate as compared to pen methods. Actual unit of laser beam is released on the mirror which moves the way that laser passes through the barcode in a single line. The reflected light is captured by a photodiode and then turned into data. It is either mounted or hand-held scanner.  

Charge Coupled Device or CCD scanners 

These types of scanners are a bit on the expensive side but they come up with accurate outcomes. They are also known as LED scanners because of having hundreds of little LED lights in a row. The lights are shot at the barcode and the scanner measures the voltage of ambient light. Later on, it is turned into digital data. These types of scanners are widely used with POS systems. But they should be held in 1 to 3 inches off the barcode. In addition, the barcode should also be smaller than its face.  

Camera-based or Imager barcode scanners 

These are more like video cameras as they have video cameras and they take pictures of barcodes instead of shooting laser light on the code. Despite the position of the scanner, they can easily read the barcode and improve the speed of scanning significantly. 


Choosing the Right Barcode Scanner

When looking for the best barcode scanner for your business, consider these questions – 

  • Do you want to use it in stores or warehouses? 
  • What should be the range of scanning? 
  • How often would you need to scan? 
  • Do you have a budget limit when buying a scanner?
  • What will be the connectivity options?  

These days, imagers are even more affordable than other types of barcode scanners. They can work with both 2D and 1D barcodes. But it is also up to other factors and your choice.