What do you need for a Complete POS Setup?

Posted by Jim Walker

POS System is actually a combination of software and hardware system which is used widely in a POS store for billing. Basically, it has different units to display product weight, total orders, and other details. It has a printer for receipt printing, cash register, and scanning barcodes. You need to set up the software, hardware, and POS terminal to set up a POS system. 

Hardware setup

There are two components of POS hardware, which include a display unit and a barcode scanner. You need both of these devices to view transactions and scan a product. Here are some other products to look for – 

  • Power – If you prefer to install the complete POS system, you should also invest in a UPS to avoid loss of data in case of a sudden power cut. 
  • iPad POS – There are some POS programs that work through an app or a browser. If you prefer using an iPad as hardware, some apps support scanning through the camera. You can use Square for making payments and combine all components in one. 
  • Connection – You may want to connect all the hardware parts to the web and to one another. You must have internet access in case of cloud POS. 
  • Receipt printing – You can connect the POS system or iPad to your desired printer, pick a template for receipt printing, and print. You can just email the template if you want to save papers. 

Choosing POS Software 

Whether you prefer a cloud-based product or native POS system, follow these steps – 

  • Cloud POS – The process is a lot easier if you go with a cloud-based program. You don’t have to worry about the backend and you just have to integrate the database of your store with POS software. 
  • Native POS – Software vendors usually send their executives to your location to set up the POS system and give you a demo. 
  • iPad POS – If you prefer iPad POS, you will simply need to log in to your account and choose templates and update inventory on the iOS app.  

POS Terminal Integration 

Attach the card reader to your POS system with the same or different internet connection to set up your POS terminal. Better inventory management is one of the major advantages of moving to a POS system. Take your time to update your inventory details in POS to do the following things – 

  • accept payments for orders with various terminals 
  • for order processing in the store 
  • get up-to-date stock and inventory information 
  • figure out how much you are going to sell over a time period 
  • plan purchase orders on the basis of your needs in a retail store 

If you are planning to invest in a POS system, consider the above things you will need for your business. 

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