Key Features of Convenience Store POS Software to Look For

Posted by Jim Walker

The POS software for convenience stores allows you to manage your operations with different features like inventory management, payment and reporting. A POS system should have features for age verification, when it comes to sell products like tobacco, alcohol and lottery tickets. If you are running a gas station with a convenience store, you should have solutions with features like pay-at-pump and pump control. 

You may need a POS solution with pump control operations, fuel management, and auto pricing adjustment with fluctuation of gas prices. Customers can pay at the pump with credit or debit cards using a card reader or they can also pay in your convenience store. Customers can get receipts directly at the pump with a POS system having a receipt printer. 

You can control the whole operations of your fuel pump from your convenience store. The pump turns off automatically at its predefined limit if customers opt to pay in advance for a specific amount of gas. The pump can be turned off on the go in an emergency. 

Payment Processing 

Customers can choose any method like EBT, credit card or gift cards to make payments thanks to the POS system for convenience stores. It can be integrated to EMV card readers to control the risk of fraud. EMV transactions are enabled for newer POS systems. Consider the hardware requirements before picking any specific solution. 

Inventory Management 

POS software updates inventory counts automatically whenever any sales happen. The system will send you the updates when inventory goes down. The system can create purchase orders automatically when levels of inventory go down to a specific threshold. Some vendors also offer label printers and barcode scanners to help businesses in tracking price information and inventory.

Employee Management 

The POS system is also helpful for staff management. With its time tracking feature, staff can easily clock in and clock out. It ensures they don’t skip shifts and get to work on time. The system also allows businesses to keep track of the performance of staff and compare sales reports with actual amounts of money in the cash register to avoid theft. You can set user permissions so no one can void items, including store managers. 

Customer Management 

This feature helps your store to ensure the right age of customers before offering any product which is restricted like lottery tickets, tobacco or alcohol. The software requires a date of birth and ID to keep minors from purchasing those products. POS software can ensure that the store is complying with state laws for selling restricted items. It automatically cancels the sale of restricted products by date or time of the week as per the regulations. It is also integrated with loyalty programs to keep customers coming again and again. You can customize these programs to provide discounts or free items on products with a given number of purchases. 

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