Which POS System is Best – iPad POS vs. Android POS

Posted by Jim Walker

The debate of Android vs. iOS has always been on the rise but there is still no undisputed winner. Each POS system has its plus points and minus points and there are chances you may always have your own choice. If you are here, you may want to ensure that you are going to make the right choice for your business. Without going any further, let’s compare both of these platforms – 

iPad POS 

There are some benefits for merchants with using iOS for POS system – 

  • Greater support – Apple is the most preferred software/hardware option for some top cloud POS systems, such as Shopify, ShopKeep, Revel, and Lightspeed. They all support only iOS devices like iPad. You should have an iOS device to run these widely used POS systems. 
  • Better security – Security is very important for running a business. A huge amount of sensitive information is transferred to the cloud. Of course Cloud POS is secure because it encrypts important data.  Google has its own security measures but there is a matter of trust when it comes to Apple. Since Apple has its own ecosystem, you can rest assured with timely security updates. Apple rolls out security patches automatically and constantly in all Apple devices. 

But in the case of Android, things are also up to service carriers and device manufacturers to issue updates. Hence, major updates may take several months to roll out on all devices. In addition, you may want to buy a new Android device once it gets 1 to 2 years old, so you can keep getting major security updates. In addition, privacy controls and device permissions are more secure in Apple as compared to Android. 

Android POS 

  • Android also offers quality POS systems – Of course Apple devices lead in terms of popularity. Android also offers a great POS. Some of the best brands offering Android POS are Vend, Square, ERPLY and Toast POS.  
  • Cost effective – Android tablet is known to be very affordable as compared to iPad. So, the initial cost is very low to get started with POS, especially if you have plenty of registers. If you are engaged in the food service industry, where wait staff use tablets to receive orders, you will have to fix or replace some of the broken devices. In this case, using Android POS could save hundreds of dollars for each device. There is also lower risk of theft as Android devices are less desirable and have lower resale value. 
  • Android offers more options – Generally, Android has more options than Apple. You can have more hardware varieties and form factors to choose. Along with different device options, Android’s architecture also offers more customization. 

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