Importance of Table Management System for POS System

Posted by Jim Walker

Delayed orders, annoyed customers, messed up kitchens and confused staff are some of the consequences of not having a modern and well-organized POS system. A restaurant POS system adds a lot of benefits with its modules like reporting, inventory management and table management system. In this guide, we will focus on the table management system. 

What is a table management system?

It is one of the modules of the POS system but it can also be bought separately from vendors. The software presents the layout design. Customization features are also available in which floor plan is much similar to the design of a restaurant. But others may come with a generic plan and provide an easy service. Users can take orders, check tables, and monitor seating time with it. Users can easily check table sizes on display. In addition, this system also sorts tables by categories like available tables, online reservations and the ones which should be cleaned. 

How does the table management system work?

Table management system is very easy to use. Staff members need a bit of training to use this system fully. The usage guidelines vary as per the vendor but they usually come with the same structure. It requires restaurant managers to add the design of the restaurant to work with it. A detailed floor plan should be created with all the walls, seats and tables, stores and sections.  This system is helpful for the restaurants to figure out the most attractive tables for the customers and which tables are turning slowly.

In addition, the software improves table-turning to improve revenue and place people where they should be. For example, it doesn’t seat a couple on a 4-seater table. It keeps big tables reserved for groups.  Users can check floor plans in portrait and landscape modes. You can also add a 3D floor plan if you have one. You can assign staff members properly or lock waitstaff to a specific floor, table or section. You can also lead guests from table to table or reduce/increase seat numbers. 

Do you really need Table Management Software?

It has been designed with great attention to detail. The developers have added all the great features to deliver a lot of benefits of table management – 

Customers no longer need to wait for a seat as they can get orders quickly. Customers may want to leave and go to another restaurant, especially if they are hungry and they don’t have time to wait. So, it could be costly for you to make them wait to hear their names. When staff members rush and yell names among an annoyed and hungry crowd, it seems unprofessional. Luckily, technology has evolved and restaurants can now use texts or other devices to inform them regarding the status of their orders. Users can easily see the waiting tables with table management. 

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