5 Proven Strategies to Improve Client Base in Your Hair Salon

Posted by Jim Walker
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Do you own a hair salon and want to stand out in this saturated market? Should you provide an unmatched experience like edgy haircuts? Should you use organic products only? 

We are about to review what has worked for other businesses and what strategies you can implement which will work. 

  • Give a try to POS software

Booking an appointment over the phone with a hair stylist is really a trouble for many people. Actually 25% of people under 35 schedule their appointments online and over 35% people book appointments in odd hours. You shouldn’t lose your business without having a 24×7 online booking option provided by a salon POS system

Around 90% of customers schedule their bookings online, according to a survey by Acuity, an online booking system. Along with it, around 96% of businesses receive online bookings as they can cut down on no-shows, accept payments quickly and avoid blocking out time which might have improved revenue. It also helps businesses to avoid calls and conversations and makes the whole process easier overall. 

More than 50% businesses witnessed growth with online booking software, according to the same survey. 

  • Offer Gift Cards 

In order to boost the revenue of your hair salon, you may definitely want to sell your gift cards or gift certificates. Around $140 billion worth of gift card sales happened in 2016 in the US alone. You can get paid quickly in full and boost sales by allowing current customers to buy gift certificates or gift cards for family and friends, even though the person never takes you up. 

Make sure customers know that you are offering gift cards. You can advertise in store windows, at the corner, through email and on your official website. Engage your employees and stylists to promote gift cards. Also help customers to buy gift cards with e-gifting. They should be able to buy gift cards from your website directly. Also make the most of social media to inform people about using your gift cards as Christmas presents, birthday gifts, etc. 

  • Referral Program 

If referral programs are done well, they can be the win-win for both customers and businesses. You can offer customers with special discounts, free consultation, freebie, or some extra services if they refer a friend and both of them use your services. This way, you will get a new customer and foster loyalty with current ones. 

  • Know your niche 

You stand ahead in competition when you specialize in a particular niche. Take your time to identify the needs and desires of your customers and do your market research. You can directly meet your needs. It will help you find out the best services you can offer, products you can stock, train your employees to meet their needs, and the right voice you can use for marketing. 

  • Improve Subscriptions 

Subscription businesses have really ruled the world. Uber, Netflix, Spotify, and Airbnb are some of the great examples. These programs enjoy recurring income to keep growing and going. Ease of use and value for money are the USPs for subscription business. A subscription model can really help your business to survive and thrive. You should plan your services for the monthly subscribers. 

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