How Do Self-Scanning POS Terminals work? Is it the next big thing in Post-pandemic era?

Posted by Jim Walker

Considering the increasing concerns related to public health due to COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of retailers decided to reduce person-to-person contact on their premises to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Hence, self-order kiosks are known to improve the overall shopping experience in grocery stores, restaurants, small shops, cafes, and food courts. 

Benefits of self-scanning POS terminals for customers 

A lot of retailers were offering contactless POS terminals even before the pandemic to improve the overall customer experience. Here are some of the major benefits for customers in this new world – 

  •  Safety – Customers can use their preferred payment mode for contactless payment with cashiers. Reward cards, credit cards and online transfer avoid hand-to-hand contacts. A self-checkout system offers ultimate safety to the customers when members need to wipe down the screens. 
  • Convenience – Multiple POS terminals can be helpful to customers to make purchases even easier and spend less time in the queue. Once customers understand the self-order kiosks, they can quickly complete their transactions. 
  • Ample privacy – Retailers can easily train their team to be helpful to customers but they may not make small talk or interact with the cashier. Retail customers may keep their purchases private, scan their personal hygiene products or scan their own medications. 

Benefits for businesses

Self-scanning systems are also profitable for businesses. Better utilization of staff time, improved safety of workers, and better use of space are some of the most common benefits.  

  • Securing employees – Like self-checkout benefits for customers, even the most vulnerable cashiers can also be benefitted. It avoids all contacts between customers and employees. If it is important, a cashier can interact with the customers with proper safety precautions, such as a clear plastic or glass barrier and social distancing. 
  • Saves up employees’ time – A self-checkout POS can easily save money to the business owners. Restaurants and shops need only a few staff members to help customers. Staff members can save their time for other tasks to run their businesses easily and smoothly, such as stock management, cleaning up the floor, or helping customers to know the ways, etc. 
  • Saves space – Another best part of having self-service kiosks is that they eat up less space as compared to old checkout counters. It is especially great as self-service terminals let them serve more and more customers to get the most of limited space. 

Final words 

With the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, self-scanning checkout seems to be a new normal for in-store operations. Customers have become more aware of contagious diseases and a lot of safety measures are in place. This way, self-service POS terminals can be the great solution to serve both customers and businesses. It offers versatility as either self-service kiosk or cash register terminal when it is mounted on the pole.

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