How a Contactless POS Helps Restaurants to Boost Revenue?

Posted by Jim Walker

Contactless dining has really been a great boost in the digital transformation of the fine dining industry with the increasing worries about COVID-19 infection. As pandemic arrives, restaurateurs are looking for new ways to speed up table ordering, reduce labor costs and risk of infection instead of closing their doors. Hospitality experts are coming up with new and much-needed solutions for in-seat ordering, mobile tipping, and online payments synced to the POS system in a restaurant. 

Here are the ways how a touch-less mobile-based POS solution can help restaurants drive revenue and improve the dining experience – 

Improved Guest Experience – It becomes important for full-service restaurants to thrive by offering an improved dining experience to the guests. It becomes important for a mobile payment and contactless guest ordering to compliment the same experience. Guests need flexibility to assign names and identify allergies to each guest in the party. A lot of restaurateurs have rebranded their takeout/delivery solutions during these tough times. 

Flexible Food Prep Hours – Suppose you own a full-service restaurant and a group of four guests visit you. You may need to cook their meals and serve at the same time. This way, you can merge the mobile contactless solution and ordered items can be timed by course to meet the service standards and guests’ expectations. You may receive several guests ordering separately at the same table from their mobile devices. You can merge, hold and release those orders from a team member or server to the kitchen. 

Save Labor Costs – There are challenges in a low margin industry due to which even contingency plans are not prepared. It is very vital to provide a completely safe and contactless platform to improve the adoption from the guests. It can help save labor costs without having any compromise on guest experience. 

QR Code Security – With the launch of latest contactless solutions, QR codes have been reborn. Now they are widely used to order food and drinks, browse menus, and pay through mobile devices at the restaurant. When tabletop QR codes seem to be convenient, there are security risks. On the other side, unique QR codes for each table can save you from potential risks like – 

  •  Someone outside the restaurant can view and access live checks as static QR codes can be used anywhere. 
  • Third-parties or hackers also have a tool to keep track on sales and affect your business. 


Contactless and safe platform is all diners need to check the full menu of the restaurant and get the service in real time ordered from their own mobile devices. It also brings seamless guest dining. It boosts customer loyalty, revenues as well as the bottom line of your business. Reduced shared touch points is very vital considering the uncertain future due to pandemic. 

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