How Queue Management and Table Reservation System can Redefine Your Guest’s Dining Experience?

Posted by Jim Walker

Who doesn’t want a queue of excited customers out of their restaurant? But a too long queue of unhappy customers can be more harmful to your business. Most of the restaurants still depend on dine-in customers in rush hours or weekends, especially when the restaurant is located at a prime location. You have to manage the queue of customers who are waiting for a long time to be seated in your restaurant. 

If customers have no idea of their wait time and there is a long queue, customers are most likely to go to other restaurants and it will severely hurt your business. This is why you need a POS system with queue management and table reservation features. 

Poor management of guests can lead you to significant losses. This way, you can improve customer satisfaction and efficiency in operations with these tips – 

Online Reservation 

Around 83% of guests reportedly prefer booking a table online before going out. This way, you should have an online table reservation if you receive heavy traffic during peak hours. The Online Table Reservation System is integrated with the restaurant POS system and accepts online booking and reflects the same in real-time. Your staff can easily seat the customers based on tables available and view online bookings. 

Forecast the Wait-Time

The servers or managers usually calculate the time required seating the guests themselves based on guesswork and they can also be wrong. Queue management and table reservation features of the POS system can analyze the busy tables and the orders placed. Also, they can forecast the actual wait-time. 

Queue Management 

You need a smart table reservation feature to book a table for the guests even before they enter the restaurant. This feature enables your staff to assign the table to those guests. You can efficiently manage the tables in your restaurant. Your staff has complete knowledge about how many tables are occupied and reserved. So, they can accept reservations accordingly. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Lack of wait-time predictability is the main reason why most customers switch to your competition. One thing customers hate is a queue. You can improve the credibility of your service by being open to the wait-time required.  Table reservation also allows you to avoid any confusion for the staff about the vacant tables. It helps in improving customer satisfaction with high operational efficiency. 

Online Table Reservation is very vital these days as customers always expect a better dining experience from restaurants. Even a single mistake can get them away and leave your restaurant with negative online reviews. It is very vital to ensure proper queue management for a better dining experience. This way, you can retain and attract potential guests. 

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