Is Cloud Kitchen the Next Growth Opportunity for Restaurants?

Cloud kitchens, aka ghost kitchens, dark kitchens, or even virtual kitchens, have emerged as the next big thing for restaurants in recent years. With the growing segment of food delivery, cloud kitchen is leading the F&B market in the US. 

What is Cloud Kitchen? 

As the name suggests, cloud kitchen is a business which operates entirely online, even without a brick-and-mortar outlet. A single kitchen can operate from a specific location to host several brands. Suppose a cloud kitchen brand which serves Italian food only, but it decides to add Chinese to its menu as well. Under a parent company, it can launch an individual brand. They can serve as an exclusive brand from the same location rather than adding Chinese dishes to their existing menu. 

Benefits of Investing in Cloud Kitchen 

Acquiring a dedicated space for setting up a restaurant is such a struggle in a metropolitan area. Either you end up with too expensive or too small space or both. On the other side, cloud kitchens require very little investment, and you can update the menu in real-time and hire the right chef. There are lots of opportunities in cloud kitchens as you need kitchen space and customers’ demands. Cloud kitchens are the safest ways to start up with minimal risk in the food industry.

I already own a Restaurant. Can I still invest in a Cloud Kitchen? 

If you already have a restaurant which is popular and doing well, you don’t need a cloud kitchen. If you want to expand your business, you can consider it for added profits. Keep in mind that it will also add expenses. Here is what you will need – 


You will need to invest in sturdy kitchen equipment to make the cooking process smoother. You can also buy used equipment to save more. 


You will need efficient employees and expert chefs to run a cloud kitchen. You cannot compromise in this process. 

Miscellaneous Expenses

 Invest in the best restaurant POS system for smooth order processing, flexible payments, and other benefits. You might have up to 30% of expenses on each order, including restaurant licenses, food packaging, permits, and portal charges for operating websites and apps. 

How to Psychologically Influence Customer Behavior to Boost Sales?

Gone are the days when people used to shop only for their basic needs, especially when we look around 30 to 40 years back.  Modern consumers shop to feel good and to satiate their emotional needs. They purposely buy expensive and branded items to feel good. Just like children get excited by a new pair of jeans or new toys, adults get excited when they go on holiday trips, or buy a new house, a gadget, or a car. When someone is indulged in impulse buying, their brain releases an adrenaline shot to make them feel alive and thrilled. 

This is how luxurious car brands thrive. When a $20,000 Toyota can get you from one point to another, why would you own a fancy Lamborghini for literally no reason? Humans always crave for luxury. No doubt, a customer is driven by emotions. This is the reason why marketing experts have found out how to influence a person buying something.  

Use Desires 

We are always used to imitating others’ behavior to bond with others. Have you ever asked the most popular item in a restaurant just because you are confused about what to order? Especially when we are not sure about our preferences, we choose to go with the flow. That’s why online stores have “Related products” or “Popular products” sections. 

Promote self-rewarding behavior 

Different people have different desires and tendencies for impulse buying. But ads and discount offers always work when it comes to attracting the crowd. That’s the reason why most women go crazy when they come across a store offering around 50% off on apparels, footwear, cosmetics, or anything they desire. 

Sometimes payday also motivates a person to make impulse purchases. According to a survey, around 60% of shoppers shop because of enough money, 51% shop because they are happy, while their hunger pangs influence 35%.  There is literally no excuse when you make up your mind to shop. This way, you can display your specialties as presents in your store. For example, a grocery store may showcase some chocolates and wine. 

Bottom Line –You can also use your POS system to come out with reward programs to retain your loyal customers. You may offer discounts and offers by communicating with existing customers to attract new ones.

Best Practices to Protect Your Business Data from Online Attacks

Did you know what the secret of large businesses is that helps them to retrieve their backup affected by attacks and natural disasters? There are several factors but one reason is that their data is already secured somewhere. You need to protect your sensitive business data with robust security measures, even though you run a small business. We never know how hackers or disasters will affect your business with the rise of cyber crimes these days.  

Here’s how data loss can occur – 

  • Corruption – In this event, data is corrupt while writing, reading, or transferring. 
  • Ransomware – In this case, all your data is locked by the virus and ransom is demanded by the hackers to unlock.
  • OS crash – When a software or computer program is malfunctioning. 
  • Hardware failure – When an electronic circuit or components are malfunctioning. 
  • Natural disasters – Some of the common examples are fire, flood, earthquake, etc. 

Data loss takes place just from manual errors like removal of important data, to negligence which leads to hacking. Data backup can solve all your problems. Customer information and business data are very valuable for large businesses. Hackers are always ready to abuse their critical information and sell businesses’ data on the dark web. 

How to backup your business data?

You can backup your data either locally (on external or internal hard drive) or cloud storage. Local backup is not the permanent solution as there is always a risk of data loss due to corruption and hard drive failure. 

On the other side, cloud backup can save your data from any natural disaster or corruption. You can set your POS system to backup your data automatically at the end of the day to run your business without worries. The POS software makes everything easier by storing all the business data like sales and purchases, customer information, and inventory. So, it is very important to protect your POS data.