Do’s and Don’ts for Cleaning and Sanitizing your POS System

Posted by Jim Walker

With the wake of COVID-19, it becomes very vital for businesses to clean and disinfect their belongings to keep their staff and customers safe. There are certain things you should do and avoid to sanitize your payment hardware and POS system. First of all, here’s what you shouldn’t do. 


  • Don’t spray POS hardware directly. Spray on the soft cotton cloth first and wipe. 
  • Don’t use the POS monitor when it’s still wet. 
  • Don’t use cleaners that are alcohol-based and contain harsh chemicals.


  • Wipe down the surfaces with a soft cloth. 
  • Dust off the screen and sanitize. 
  • If possible, use a stylus and avoid using a touchpad. 
  • Make contactless payments easier for customers. 
  • Wear gloves while sanitizing. 

Clean and sanitize every device you have on your counter, such as payment devices, barcode scanner, tablets, iPad, etc. Use a cotton swab to wipe all the corners of small devices like credit card keypads. 

When you should clean up your POS system? 

You should clean up all your POS equipment every day. Considering the risk of Coronavirus infection, your team should sanitize all your POS devices even more frequently, especially when you are receiving heavy footfall of people after lockdown. 

You should clean up your POS equipment every hour to ensure the safety of your customers and your staff. You can also set up the rotation to clean up and sanitize your devices every hour. You can also set a schedule to remind your staff to sanitize POS equipment.

You may be worried that your sales process may be affected by engaging staff in regular cleaning. But you should also keep in mind that health and safety are more important than anything else for everyone until things get back to normal.  It also assures your customers that your store is well sanitized.

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