What Kind of POS System and Hardware Needed for Your Business?

Posted by Jim Walker
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The POS system is considered to be the heart of any business that you will need sooner or later, especially when you are setting up your salon, retail store, or even a restaurant. Once you have made your decision about the POS software, you will need to choose the best POS hardware and decide whether you want to buy or rent the setup. 

Here are the hardware options you will need to consider – 

POS Screen – Since most of the POS software programs rely on cloud technology these days, even small screens can process large amounts of data without consuming ample space. An iPad is the smartest thing you will need to create new checkouts and it is very user-friendly. 

Printer – A printer is still needed in a store, despite the increasing popularity and use of emails and text because paper receipt is still used by customers. A printer is also required for employee schedules and labels. 

Cash Drawer – Be sure to have a cash drawer to keep your change safely in your store. 

Payment Terminal – It assures safe payments for both the customer and business. You can get the card terminal from your bank which controls our transactions. 

Barcode Scanner – The transaction process can be automated by scanning the items through a barcode scanner. It scans the contents, item details, and price and displays the same on the screen without manually entering them. You can connect the barcode scanner to inventory management and ensure the safe passage of data between the checkout process and warehouse at the same time. 

You can also add other devices to your POS – 

Customer display – If you want your customer to see the total amount of their bill, you can add this hardware. But it displays only two lines of text and it doesn’t show all the data. 

Label Printer – It is required to print price tags but any other printer can do the same. 

POS System Packages You’ll Need 


This reliable and classic set consists of a barcode scanner, touch screen, printer, and cash drawer. You can find products quickly and add the same in one movement. You will also need a mouse and keyboard for the checkout process and adding information like product info and customer data.


This compact set is both portable and aesthetically modern. It can be used in a pop-up store too. It is best for small businesses which prefer mobility and don’t have to deal with a huge cash flow. You can use the tablet as a POS terminal and check the printer. The set has Bluetooth connectivity. So, just one power socket is sufficient. Once you command the sale, it will open the cash drawer automatically. 

Self Checkout 

This setup is of great help for stores with fewer employees and smaller premises. It is very simple to set up a self-checkout as you don’t have to use any other hardware. All you need is a check printer, touch screen, card terminal, and barcode scanner. You can add a weighing scale if you sell items that you have to weigh at the time of checkout. You can also adopt self-checkouts which are user-friendly, logical and cost-effective. 

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