How to Psychologically Influence Customer Behavior to Boost Sales?

Posted by Jim Walker

Gone are the days when people used to shop only for their basic needs, especially when we look around 30 to 40 years back.  Modern consumers shop to feel good and to satiate their emotional needs. They purposely buy expensive and branded items to feel good. Just like children get excited by a new pair of jeans or new toys, adults get excited when they go on holiday trips, or buy a new house, a gadget, or a car. When someone is indulged in impulse buying, their brain releases an adrenaline shot to make them feel alive and thrilled. 

This is how luxurious car brands thrive. When a $20,000 Toyota can get you from one point to another, why would you own a fancy Lamborghini for literally no reason? Humans always crave for luxury. No doubt, a customer is driven by emotions. This is the reason why marketing experts have found out how to influence a person buying something.  

Use Desires 

We are always used to imitating others’ behavior to bond with others. Have you ever asked the most popular item in a restaurant just because you are confused about what to order? Especially when we are not sure about our preferences, we choose to go with the flow. That’s why online stores have “Related products” or “Popular products” sections. 

Promote self-rewarding behavior 

Different people have different desires and tendencies for impulse buying. But ads and discount offers always work when it comes to attracting the crowd. That’s the reason why most women go crazy when they come across a store offering around 50% off on apparels, footwear, cosmetics, or anything they desire. 

Sometimes payday also motivates a person to make impulse purchases. According to a survey, around 60% of shoppers shop because of enough money, 51% shop because they are happy, while their hunger pangs influence 35%.  There is literally no excuse when you make up your mind to shop. This way, you can display your specialties as presents in your store. For example, a grocery store may showcase some chocolates and wine. 

Bottom Line –You can also use your POS system to come out with reward programs to retain your loyal customers. You may offer discounts and offers by communicating with existing customers to attract new ones.

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