How to Get Your Restaurant Ready for an upcoming party on New Year’s Eve?

Posted by Jim Walker

The holiday season is just around the corner. It’s the best time for most businesses to attract customers by hosting big events. If you want to avoid last moment surprises due to the non-availability of suppliers and vendors, consider this checklist to throw a rocking New Year event at your eatery – 

  • Start Early 

Estimate when and what you are about to do. Plan ahead to avoid any shocks at the last moment. Book a celebrity or band, and make all the necessary arrangements for the party evening. You can have enough time for your guests to know about the event coming your way. 

  • Reward early birds and Promote your event

You may want everyone to know that you are throwing a party on New Year’s Eve. Offer discounts and free tickets to your first buyers. Let these early birds spread your word. Contests, trivia, hashtags, and other content can do wonders on social media. Create a separate landing page for the event with a register option. Offer them everything to add value to the party. 

  • Set a theme

Set the mood for the whole night by choosing a mind-blowing New Year’s theme. Think beyond the old-school Saturday night. Find something innovative. Music and lights can light up the mood of your guests. Make an exclusive backdrop or a dedicated “Wall of Fame” or “selfie wall” where your guests can click cool #Instaworthy photos. 

  • A Special Menu for a Special Evening 

There is nothing wrong when you come up with fresh new varieties with seasonal bestsellers. Along with a new festive-special burger or pizza variety, you can also introduce a whole new dish. Accommodate both vegetarians and non-vegetarians with a separate category for both. All foodies are welcome. Also, have a drinks bar, whether you offer alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. You can easily manage your menu items with restaurant POS Software

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