How to Boost Customer Experience in Your Coffee Shop?

Posted by Jim Walker

The coffee shop is indeed an essential part of any community which keeps people together. So, customer experience means a lot to run a café successfully. But it is not so easy, especially in this pandemic period when the whole world has changed. 

Here’s how to know your customers to boost customer experience 

You should first get knowledge about your customer-base to improve your coffee shop experience. Ask yourself these questions – 

  • Are they artists, youth, parents, or both? 
  • Who is in your community? 
  • Are your customers’ professionals who visit your café for some break from their home-based jobs? 

Answer these questions to create the experience accordingly. For example, you can add fun drinks like hot chocolate varieties to engage the kids and parents. 

Tips to Create the Best Customer Experience 


You should provide a consistent customer experience in all touchpoints. It means all your menu items must taste the same today and tomorrow. Suppose a customer recommends your coffee shop to a friend for a tasty mocha, it should be made the same next time when she arrives with her friend. If it doesn’t give the same taste next time, you might lose two customers. Along with it, the staff behaviour, ambience, cleanliness, and quality of your beverages also matter a lot. 


Even though your business is not welcoming enough guests yet, the design of your coffee shop improves the overall customer experience. Hang up some artwork to reflect your ambience. You can also post events and philanthropic activities around your store. 

Comply with safety regulations 

You need to take extra care to improve customer experience in this pandemic period. If dining out is allowed in your state, be sure to keep at least 6-feet distance between tables and chairs. Also clean and sanitize your tables and common areas from time to time. Provide PPE to your staff and protect them. Place social distancing markers and control indoor capacity. 

Make a digital presence 

You can also enable your customers to order your coffee with an interactive website and create an online presence for your café. You can provide innovative customer experience. If your customers enjoy your drinks, they will keep ordering from your store and come back to your café. 

Bottom Line 

Even better, you can start using a coffee shop POS system to boost your customer experience. It is the right tool to run your business and turn visitors into customers by offering a lot of loyalty programs. You can easily focus on what means a lot to your business by choosing the best technology. It helps you to create an unforgettable experience for your customers.

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