Where to use Apple Pay? What are its Benefits for Your Business?

Posted by Jim Walker

Apple Pay is a payment platform for iOS devices like Apple Watch and iPhone. One can make payments using their devices to select merchants without using cards or wallet. The first component of it is Apple Wallet with all your credit cards’ information. It pulls the information to make transactions at contactless terminals or online. Apple Pay Cash is its peer-to-peer component to receive or transfer money. 

Apple Card is another payment solution which is totally different from Apple Pay. Apple Card is simply a credit card provided by Apple and Goldman Sachs. But you don’t need this card for a digital wallet. 

Where Apple Pay is Used? 

Like Google Pay, Apple Pay is also accepted in various stores in the US. A lot of leading retailers enable customers to make payments using Apple Pay at checkout. Even select stations in New York City accept Apple Pay. Most businesses today have NFC terminal to allow Apple Pay. Customers just have to wait for the terminal to light up and tap their iOS device around it. Payment can be transferred within seconds. 

Pros of Apple Pay 

You can have a lot of benefits of using Apple Pay over credit cards or EMV chips, such as – 

  • Quick – Apple Pay can process funds within seconds as compared to credit cards and EMV. You may want to contact the server and verify transactions to make payment through cards. But NFC is far beyond that. Apple Pay uses radio frequency to transfer payments. There is no need to wake the iPhone either. All you need to tap your device, verify, and complete the transaction. 
  • Safe – As discussed, Apple Pay is considered to be the most secure option for payments. Like Google Pay and Samsung Pay, it is packed with robust security to make it easier. 
  • Ideal for traveling – It comes very handy when you are going somewhere to make contactless payments. There is no need to worry about exchange rates or to visit any bank. You can pay through Apple Pay directly. 
  • Convenient – It goes without saying that Apple Pay adds more convenience to your customers. They don’t have to tumble over the card and hand it to your cashier. They already have their phone all the time. So, they can easily make the payment. In addition, iOS devices already come with Apple Pay. So, you don’t have to buy any other service or equipment. 

Give Your Business a Head Start with Apple PayYou can use your POS system to integrate with Apple Pay to enable smooth transactions. There are so many innovative platforms accepting Apple Pay. Your customers can easily transfer payments from their device to your POS integrated with NFC. You don’t have to invest in added terminals or equipment.

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