A Home Security Camera System Based on Cloud

Posted by Jim Walker

Previously, if you wanted to install a monitoring system, your options were very limited. A few years ago, cloud video surveillance was not the best option compared to the most popular systems on the market, such as NVR systems. The list of servers, hard drives, and additional devices must work correctly on these systems, but due to limited options, most companies have chosen to use the DVR/ NVR setting.

Recently, with cloud technology, companies and companies are seriously considering overcoming giant devices and choosing cloud video security. There is a good reason for this. In this post, we will talk about the benefits that companies can expect when using cloud-based technology for their security camera and why they should not upgrade to DVR / NVR systems.

Reduce the footprint of video surveillance devices:

Older systems were harder and more complicated to install because they required more hardware. Once the system is installed, all components need constant maintenance and management for proper operation.

According to a study, more than half of all integrated hard drives used for video surveillance for five years fail, even with proper maintenance. If your video security system contains many hardware components, your system will either fail too much or need to be replaced in the system life.

With cloud storage, companies can significantly reduce the impact of their hardware by eliminating the need for DVR / network video recorders, servers, and hard drives. With less equipment, some parts of your foundation will fail or need to be replaced. This will save your organization time and effort and reduce the hassle of managing video security.

Save and share the video from surveillance cameras:

Storing and sharing recordings when working with traditional systems can be a very complex and expensive task. Cloud storage allows you to instantly send video images and clips to the cloud, making it much easier to share the footage with other users than traditional DVR / NVR systems that greatly improve efficiency and productivity.

Remote access to video and video surveillance systems

Cloud-based security camera often receives great software that increases the cost of video security. Everything is hosted in the cloud, so you have 24/7 access to all your security camera and recordings. Remote access is often not available from DVR / NVR systems separately from other parts of the organization. This means that system administrators have to access physical locations to access cameras and videos, which can be a daunting task.

With cloud storage, you can focus all your cameras and photos on one console, which improves user experience and flexibility when it comes to managing your system. In addition, it is great to be able to manage everything in the cloud with small devices capable of managing it and accessing it safely wherever you are.


Cloud-based services are emerging in most industries today, and IP video surveillance is no different. There are currently many options for cloud monitoring for both home and business security applications.

Most IT professionals know that a cloud-based security camera is more reliable and efficient than traditional devices. Successful companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their heritage infrastructure, and an increasing number of companies are moving their heritage control systems to the cloud.

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