Barcode based student attendance system

Posted by Jim Walker

Student attendance plays an important role in improving students’ academic performance and the university as a whole. Unfortunately, there is no automatic attendance record to keep attendance at the university. As the number of college students grows, we need the tools to maintain student attendance records. Barcode based attendance projects help university teachers keep their records. Barcode Based Attendance System uses a barcode scanner to track students entering the laboratory.

There is a barcode on the back of each student ID card. This barcode contains unique student information such as roll number, branch office and year. Finally, the student scans the barcode to prevent attendance fraud. The display screen shows the presence of a specific student after scanning the barcode. Teachers and administrators can only access the system with their login IDs and passwords.

What is a Barcode Based Attendance System?

Barcode Based Attendance System is a program that uses a barcode scanner to record and maintain student attendance. Barcodes are information that can be visually readable. Barcode codes consist of a series of bars and parallel adjacent locations. These barcodes can be read using a barcode scanner.

There are different types of barcode scanners.

Linear Barcode: A first-generation ‘one-way’ barcode that includes lines and spaces of different widths to create a specific design.

Matrix Barcodes: Matrix barcodes are also known as 2D barcodes or simply 2D barcodes and are two-way to represent information. It is similar to a one-dimensional barcode but may represent more information per unit area.

Pen Type Reader: The pen type reader consists of a light source and a laser diode located near the tip of a pen or stick. The cheapest barcode scanner available in the market

CCD Reader: A CCD reader uses hundreds of tiny light sensors stacked on the reader’s head. Each sensor measures the intensity of the previous light.

Smartphone Camera: The Smartphone camera reads the QR code (which automatically takes you to a website URL) and scans the barcode to display product information such as price comparisons and user reviews.

Handheld Scanner: A scanner with a handle and a power switch to turn on the light source.

Auto Reader: Back office tool that reads encrypted documents at high speed (50,000 / hour).

The need for Barcode Based Attendance System

The purpose of this software project is “Barcode-Based Student Access Protocol (BBSAS)”. That is, it is used to record or limit student attendance on a specific day during training. It is designed to manage participation information so that universities can access accurate admissions information when they need it and when they need it, which improves operational efficiency and effectiveness. Computer-assisted software systems with hardware interactions help to achieve these goals.

Conclusion: Using a regular business computer can help you do a lot of crafts quickly. You can easily store and access all your information in a short time. Improvements to this software project will also enable the overall management system to manage staff presence and staff records within the organization, make it easier to access accurate and accurate information and improve the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. This project will reduce the amount of work the professor does. 

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