What Is QR Code Phishing and How to Protect Yourself from It?

Posted by Jim Walker

There are many users that do QR code phishing for fun but some people do it for taking the important information gathering. According to the information, QR code phishing is possible with smartphones and tablets. You also need to secure yourself on the computers or laptops if you want to get the security of your data or money. The useful information of the person is taken with the help of the phishing attack and there are many hackers that are stealing the data of the people. According to the research, most of the attacks are done on mobile phones and the information about the account is leaked on the internet also. 

The QR is the best way to collect the information but hackers are taking the information from the QR codes and they misuse the QR codes. You need to read the message properly and secure your payments and data. If you want to secure your payments then you need to update your system regularly and you can connect to your bank directly when you get some fraud messages and know about them. 

You Can’t Detect the Hackers

It is not simple to detect the hackers that are stealing the information of the user through desktop browsers or mobile browsers. You get the popups on your browsers and you click on the links so you automatically redirect to the malicious pages where your information is leaked and you can’t identify which person has detected your information. If you want to make your QR code information safe then you need to choose the best security systems. There are many people that have lost their data because of phishing attacks of QR and they have reported at the national cybercrime portal also but they haven’t identified the hackers yet. So, you need to secure your QR and try to follow some methods that can prevent you from hacking or QR phishing attacks. 

How To Protect Yourself from QR Phishing?

There is no way to detect the fraud QR and you need to secure yourself from it manually. You should not scan any QR code with the complete details. There are many hackers that are sending texts on mobile phones to fool people with the message of winning money. If you see the message “congrats you have won the 10,000 amounts” then you get the QR to scan then you should not scan the QR code because it will detect your important data. You may lose your money and you should not click on the links that are attached with the QR. If you want to secure yourself then you need to block these kinds of messages as soon as possible. Today, hackers are attacking various platforms like email and social media. 

Final Words

You need to protect yourself from QR phishing so that you have to be ready for these kinds of attacks. You can inform or teach your employee about these kinds of attacks and tell them how to protect themselves from these attacks. If you are a business person you need to choose the best smart systems that are made to protect your information and you can secure your transactions too. 

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