How do cash drawers work?

Posted by Jim Walker

You can keep your valuables safe in a cash drawer if you use it. It’s vital for your POS system since it provides security and structure. When a receipt machine transmits to the cash drawer, the cash drawer only opens when it is necessary.

What kind of cash drawers should I buy?

When settling on a cash drawer type, there are a few things to keep in mind. A few examples of these elements are cash drawer design, interface design, locking functionality, media slots, and cash tray design.


Depending on the thickness of the steel utilized in the unit’s construction, we categorize our cash drawers as heavy or medium-duty. Heavy-duty cash drawers are more expensive, but they are more resistant to dents, dings, and tampering.

 Even while medium-duty cash drawers are less expensive than heavy-duty cash drawers, they are less resistant to damage and manipulation.

Interface Design

What method do you prefer for triggering the opening of your cash drawer? Cash drawers can be connected in three ways: by printer, serial port, or manually. In terms of popularity and recommendation, printer-driven cash drawers are the clear winner.

  • Hard-wired or removable cables connect the drawer directly to the receipt printer.
  • When the cash drawer needs to be opened, the receipt printer sends a signal to the printer to open.
  • The serial port on the rear of your point-of-sale computer is where serial-driven cash drawers are connected. The cash drawer is linked to the computer through a serial cable.
  • A cash drawer that is manually operated is not linked to the POS system and must be opened by the cashier each time needed.

Locking Functionality

Locking mechanisms for cash drawers are categorized based on their positional capabilities. The more settings a lock has, the more expensive the cash drawer will be in general. Lock position functionality is illustrated in the following chart.


What’s the best way to organize cash in a drawer?

The largest denomination should always be on the left, with the smallest denomination on the bill’s rightmost side. The highest value should be on the left, and the lowest value should be on the right.

Is it possible to keep a perfect balance in your cash drawer?

The cash register is routinely balanced after the day or at the end of a cashier’s shift. To create the report, remove the cash drawer and its contents to an office or other private location. Ensure that the sales floor lights are turned off, and the door is shut before re-balancing the drawer after closure.

Is there a requirement for power in cash drawers?

A POS system’s Cash Drawer is critical because money, credit card receipts, and other paperwork are kept. Touch Cash Drawers are manual cash drawers that operate without the use of electricity. Nothing, such as a receipt printer or cash drawer trigger, is attached to them.

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