What is a POS system?

Posted by Jim Walker

POS system stands for point of sale. It is used in businesses and retailing purposes. The POS system is the place where the transactions are made and you pay the bill. It mainly keeps the record of all the transactions. Whatever you buy from a place, it scans the barcode and makes a bill for you. Then you need to choose the payment option and pay the needed amount. The POS system records all the data and saves it for later use.

To calculate the amount received from the customers, the cashier uses different types of methods for example cash drawer, weighing scale, barcode scanner etc. We may also refer to all these methods as POS systems. 

Security offered by the POS system

POS systems are way more secure than simple cash drawers. It avoids possible theft activities. When the receipt is printed the cash drawers automatically open. You can only fill the needed amount and then the drawer will close automatically. You cannot even pick a single extra penny from the drawer. Therefore, it increases the security and decreases the scams at the cashier desk. The whole process comes under the POS system.

In case the customer didn’t like anything and wanted to replace the item then the process is easy under the POS system. If there is a return policy applied to that item then you need to fill the date in the system and the customer can pick another item in place of that. 

To avoid the cashier scams it has an admin window option available. It means that all the daily records will be saved into the system. Now the owner of the business can check that record at the admin window. It can be run on different screens also. Owner can either check it daily or once in a month. It avoids all the possible scams by both customers and cashiers.

In addition to it, there is a closed circuit camera fitted in the software that records all the activities. If you smell any scam then check the camera recording and find the main culprit. Apart from this every single thing is secured with different passwords. Passwords are familiar only to authorized people. In case of robbery POS systems are the lifesaver of both employees and businesses’ money. They cannot just rob the system by shooting it. It requires very high tech knowledge along with the passwords to open the system and pick money from it.

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