Types of Cash drawers

Posted by Jim Walker

Cash drawers the storage boxes that can be used to store the cash, credit card or any other legit item. It is mainly used in the retailing services. Cash drawers play an important role in the POS systems. It made the management of cash very easy. Today we will learn about the different types of cash drawers. 

1. Manual cash drawers

As the name suggests it is the simplest version of the cash drawers. It may have separate places to store the different notes. Or it may be only a single box. There comes a key with the box. You can lock it down with the help of a key. It has a mechanical push button that unlocks the drawer once you open it with the key. Manual cash drawers are a great choice for small and medium businesses.

2. USB cash driver

These cash drawers fit well if you are using a POS system or USB port. It needs other electronics arrangements as well. But these types of cash drawers are very useful if you want to keep the record of all the transactions safe. All the received cash will appear on the screen of the POS system if you use this cash drawer.

3. Printer Driven Cash Drawer

Printer drawers are ruling most of the businesses these days. These drawers are attached to the printer device directly. It means that once the receipt is printed by the system, you choose the cash payment option. The drawer will automatically open and you need to put the required amount of cash. Once you put it in, the drawer will automatically close. 

4. Serial cash driver

RS232 is the model name that has been used under the serial cash drivers. It has 9-pin serial connections that mainly operate the cash driver. This is the most traditional method to collect cash from the customers.  Many other methods replaced the serial cash driver successfully.

Advantages of using cash drivers. 

There are many advantages to using a cash driver. Many of them are given below:

  • It manages every type of cash flow. If you have an extremely high flow of cash then it fits well in the requirement.
  • Cash drawers are very secure drawers to store money. It opens only for business purposes that too when receipt is printed. Therefore, no one can easily break these drawers and steal money.
  • If the cashier opens the cash drawer without any reason it immediately reports to the higher authorities.

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