QuickBooks Accounting Software

Posted by Jim Walker

QuickBooks is a package used for accounting software. It is developed by Intuit. It is software that has various types of products. The products mainly focus on small and medium businesses. It manages the bills and payments and payrolls of the business. Taking care of the financial terms of your business is very difficult. It needs lots of time and effort to manage all the things. QuickBooks help to manage the financial terms of any business and keep all the records.

Types of QuickBooks

There are different types of QuickBooks available in the market. Some of them are given below:

1. QuickBooks Online 

This model has several features with very good accounting capabilities. Moreover, it is a mobile app that can be accessed from any mobile model. It is approximately 650 plus integration. It manages every single thing about the finance of a business or maybe more than that.

2. QuickBooks self-employed 

It is a type of tax software that is very useful for freelancers. The software helps to manage the finances of freelancers. That is why it is called self-employed. It helps to manage the tax status, tracking deduction, etc. of the freelancers. 

3. QuickBooks desktop pro

It is software that accesses QuickBooks on the desktop. It has plenty of features like expenses tracking, account payable, invoicing, lead management, and many more things. It is one of the most developed software types.

4. QuickBooks desktop premier

It is a local software that has plenty of features and also 200 plus integrations. It is the ideal solution for medium or small businesses. There are choices given to choose the premiere QuickBooks. You can either pick the standard desktop premier or can choose one among the six specializations of this model. The specializations are nonprofit, wholesale, accountant, professional service, retail, or contractor. There are different uses for each specialization. These are more like genres of QuickBooks. Pick one on which your business is based.

This is all about QuickBooks that you must know. Remember you can choose the subscription of this software as per your choice. For example, you can either go for a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. For a monthly subscription, you need to pay a certain amount every month to continue using the software. On the other hand yearly subscription asks for a one-time payment in a year only.

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