Things you need to know about barcode scanner

Posted by Jim Walker

Barcode scanners have evolved a lot during the last few years. Earlier wired barcode scanners were in the market. But these scanners have lots of limitations. The biggest disadvantage was that it cannot be used for a long distance scan. To solve this problem wireless barcode scanners come to the market. Today we will learn many things about this type of scanner.

Advantages of barcode scanners

These scanners save a lot of time as well as money. Also it fits well in the technology. Apart from this barcode scanners can be used for long distance scanning. There are bulky items which cannot be taken to the scanners. Therefore, wireless scanners can be used to scan those items. There are lots of choices available for these scanners. You can choose any scanner which fits into your requirements and budget as well. 

Types of barcode scanner 

  • Pen type scanners 

Pen type scanners consist of a pen that has a photo diode and light source placed next to each other. To scan from this scanner a person needs to move it across the whole scanner. The tip is quite small therefore, you need to move it for a long time. 

  • Laser scanners 

This scanner consists of a scanner, lights and lenses. When you try to scan the code the device will impart the light on the whole scanner. It was the oldest method to scan the codes. It mainly captures the reflected light from the scanner. 

  • Camera based scanner

Camera based scanners are attached to the computer software. There is a software decoder that reads the scanner and prints its whole detail. There is a light detecting photoelectric cell present in the scanner. It only absorbs the black lines of the barcode scanner.

  • CCD

It is also known as a linear image barcode scanner. There are tiny lights, and single files are arranged in a CCD scanner. Barcode emits special types of lights that are absorbed by the CCD scanners. It contains a grid of pixels. The barcode that we scan to pay from the online apps uses CCD scanners. 

Uses of wireless scanner

There are different types of wireless scanners which are used at different places. 

  • It can be used to pay for online apps. All the famous apps like paytm, gpay, etc use wireless scanners. 
  • To scan the barcode of online products.
  • It can also be used to keep the record of all the files safe in a scanner.

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