Top 4 Best POS Software Every Business Should Look for in 2022

Posted by Jim Walker

From digital payments to sales, POS systems are known to improve customer experience and help business owners to keep track of sales, inventory, and staff productivity. In addition, they support omnichannel strategies for smooth interaction between phone, in-store, and online sales. With so many POS systems out there, choosing the best is overpowering for a small business. Here are some of the best POS software brands every business should consider in 2022 – 

1. Square (Best among all)

If your small business needs a lot of flexibility to grow, Square is the best start. It comes with three plans with integrated payments. The Free Plan requires 2.6% plus $0.10 as processing fees for credit card payments, Plus plan requires additional 2.5% plus $0.10 for cash payments and online transactions require 2.9% excluding $0.30. There are customizable options in the Premium Plan. The brand offers iPad stands and “mobile square readers” to tailor your setup. All these plans include sales reports, barcode scanning, e-gift card and invoice options, options to sell on Instagram, time-tracking, timecard reporting, sales reporting, and options to view inventory which is low or out of stock. 

2. eHopper (Best in Value for Money)

It is a cost-effective program for every small business owner. It includes four plans with integrated card processing. All versions will have features like email or print receipts, inventory management, reporting options, tip management, and customer management. 

3. TouchBistro (Best for restauranteurs) 

It provides cloud-based analytics to restaurant businesses to help them boost their sales of food and beverages. The price for a software license starts @ $69/month. It has a lot of features and tools for operations like smooth touch controls, receipts to control cost of inventory, cloud portal to access reports and data, etc. 

4. Shopify (Best choice for eCommerce businesses)

It enables businesses to track their online and in-store sales directly through their mobile dashboard. There are different plans to choose for Shopify POS, which include blog and e-commerce website, along with features, i.e. from $29 to $299 monthly. 

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