5 Pros and Cons of Cloud-based, Online POS Systems

Posted by Jim Walker

Cloud POS systems have been very popular and viable over the years for SMEs and retailers.  They can be accessed using any web browser as “Software as a Service (SaaS)”. According to a study conducted by Techaisle in 2015 on adoption of cloud computing, cloud POS can save operation costs and improve visibility and productivity in SMBs. However, not all retailers should look for a cloud POS. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider before investing – 


No specific hardware needed – One can simply use an internet browser to access cloud POS software. Hence, there is no need to spend more on costly equipment for running it. In addition, it can be used on a tablet, phone, or PC with an internet connection. 

No training required – Usually, medium and small retail businesses don’t have enough IT skills and it can be costly to outsource talents. Cloud-based POS takes care of all those issues and helps retailers to save money. 

Always up-to-date – Obsolete technology is highly responsible for slowdowns and errors. Vendors can easily update and manage the cloud infrastructure to stay ahead of the latest technology and security updates. 


Subscription – It is both a pro and a con. SaaS usually comes in annual or monthly fee and retailers have to bear little or no heavy cost upfront. For small retailers with less devices, it is usually more manageable. But according to how long it is required, number of features and devices needed to run on, monthly fees may be costly in the long run. So, here you need to do the math before opting. 

Connectivity – The only requirement you need to fulfill here is a stable internet. In case you lose the connectivity, you lose the sales. To avoid it, many retailers use two or more network services, just in case.

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