Types of POS Systems and their Areas of Application to Look For

Posted by Jim Walker

Price tags are no longer needed thanks to the wide adoption of POS systems in retail stores. Employees just need to scan the barcode to apply discounts, change prices, and edit items. Loyalty programs and inventory management are other benefits of POS systems for businesses. To choose the best retail POS for your business, here are few of the recommended types – 

  • Mobile POS – Tablet and smartphone POS solutions can manage customer information and inventory and process payments. It often comes with a credit card reader. It is ideal for businesses which don’t have to manage inventory that much. 

Areas of application – Farmers or street vendors, event or fair vendors, contract or freelance workers, mobile services, limo services, daycare providers, lawn care services, etc. 

  • Terminal POS – It is often seen at the counter. Most of these systems need internet access and also cloud service. They usually come as all-in-one solutions like cash drawers, barcode scanners, and other inclusions. They can easily control internet access by employees as they can use it only for POS software. 

Areas of application – Busy retailers, full-service restaurants, boutiques, grocery stores, magazine or book stores, antique shops, spa, salon, electronic shops etc. 

  • Self-service kiosks – They are basically specialized solutions designed to serve specific purposes. For example, they can be installed for customers to make payments for parking space or time, book movie tickets, etc. A large retail store can also set up some kiosks to enable customers to check out the availability and price of products.  

Areas of application – Transportation passes, ticket sales, grocery stores, HR, product lookup, parking, movie tickets, etc. 

  • Multichannel POS – It is ideal for businesses that are not limited to only one physical or online address. Multichannel POS can integrate all the sales across social media, storefronts, and online stores. Hence, a business may not go out of stock easily. 

Areas of application – Physical stores that sell online too, e-commerce brands that have physical stores in different locations, and online sellers engaging in physical pop-ups. 

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