Top 4 F&B Technology Trends to Look Forward in 2022

Since COVID-19 pandemic is still not over yet, technology has been the only savior for F&B industry and it keeps on driving restaurants to recover their operations across several verticals. It’s not the time for restaurant operators to miss out on any tech trend. Here are some of the top trends to look out for – 

Cloud Kitchens 

This trend is followed by many restaurant operators along with their existing premises during pandemic. The key here is to maintain consistency and food quality to keep these businesses running. Automation can ease the operations of cloud kitchens because food is the only way to keep customers engaged. Cloud kitchens are easy to experiment and they have low rental and operational cost. 

Voice Assistants 

Virtual assistants are no longer a new technology. Several popular brands like Pizza Hut and KFC use this technology. Voice technology is going to be the next big thing to look out for in upcoming days. Restaurants can integrate with Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri to enhance customer experience by letting them to order anything and give feedback directly through their voice. The integration of voice assistants and AI could also help in backing and chefs to prepare orders. 


Along with automation from restaurant POS, a lot of restaurants are also switching to robots for their operations. They are looking forward to replace their human servers with robots to avoid the stress of manual errors, hiring, and employee turnover. Robot delivery services are also being tested. A lot of restaurants in the US have also deployed robots to conduct the process of food processing, i.e. from making cocktails to flipping burgers. 

CRM for Marketing Automation 

Customer satisfaction has always been the important part to grow a business. This is the reason why restaurants were compelled to automate their operations. You need proper CRM tools to gather feedback and insights from customers.

8 Mistakes Restaurants Make and Shut Down within a year

According to a CNBC report, 80% of restaurants take down their operations within the first five years and 60% shut down within first year. No matter how lucrative their business seems at first, running it constantly is a twisted thing to do. Most restaurant owners don’t know what mistakes they are doing before it’s too late.  There are several reasons behind their failure, such as high rentals, poor locations, and inexperience. 

  • Shoplifting– Staff misuse and thefts are responsible to make gaps that are noticed a bit too late by the restaurateurs. 
  • Failure in providing best customer service – It is important to adopt latest technologies like restaurant POS system to enhance your customer experience before they stop coming back. 
  • High rentals, wrong location – If you have lucrative offers, great deals, and huge range of products to offer but your business is still not doing well, chances are your store is located too far from central location where you can attract your audience. There are also chances that high rentals may be draining your bank balance dry. 
  • Lack of experience – It is another main reason you might be running into losses. It can cause mistakes that can be costlier than a few customers. 
  • Improper staff management – It can cause poor customer experience, high costs, and dysfunction at the end. It also causes labor costs go out of control. It is among the biggest expenses in this business. 
  • Complicated menu – An all-inclusive, long menu may seem like you have variety of meals to offer. But it should not be too long to confuse the customers as it might affect profitability. 
  • Lack of owner’s involvement – If staff has been held responsible for all the operations, chances are restaurants may not grow as it should be. 
  • Improper allocation of resources – If you don’t focus much on the amount of resources you should allocate in various segments, it can cause losses and mismanagement. 

What to Consider Before Choosing Restaurant Ordering Software?

Considering the existing pandemic, businesses should have robust ordering system to place orders conveniently to flourish, sustain, and make good profits. It is easy to streamline operations with a restaurant ordering system and food ordering. Robust POS software for online ordering can improve customer experience and enhance efficiency and speed of service. Table turnovers can be improved with efficiency and it will increase revenues. Here are some of the areas to look for when choosing restaurant order taking system – 

Assess your restaurant needs 

Every type of restaurant has its different needs and features. So, you should know several operational needs before choosing a restaurant ordering system. It should provide industry-leading solutions for various food outlets. Determine the needs of your restaurant and invest wisely. 

Intuitive Interface

An ordering system should have intuitive interface which needs no or little training. Latest systems usually have a central dashboard that provides a unified view to the users and can integrate with several channels to accept orders. Restaurant staff can easily keep track on sales item-wise and analyze least and bestselling items as per detailed reports. Restaurant staff should not have any problem in setting changes and customizing offers as per the orders placed. 

Proper integration with third-party programs

Order tracking process can be more efficient by integrating with third-party platforms. In this day and age, restaurants integrate with online food delivery partners that help them capture the loyalty of end users as they use latest technologies. A restaurant POS program should be able to integrate loyalty programs, online wallet services, etc. smoothly without any manual effort to update order info. 


Along with basic billing solutions, restaurant POS should have various functions like – 

  • Contactless dining – This feature provides hygienic ordering, digital menu management, and online billing for every customer. It provides easy access to the menu for customers, so that they can make payments online. 
  • Delivery and Takeaway – It is important to sync order taking solution with several channels like mobile apps, website, and food delivery platforms. This way, it is easy to delegate tasks and capture all consumer records to automate billing process.