How to Craft Your Online Ordering System to Boost Customer Loyalty?

Posted by Jim Walker

Online ordering has been enhanced over time and turned the way food is delivered from restaurants. These days, customers want hygienic, convenient, and timely delivery options. Online ordering is a proven strategy of restaurant marketing to increase sales, revenue, and margin. Restaurants are looking forward to boost ROI and enhance customer loyalty with the growing trend of online ordering. Here are some of the ways to optimize online ordering in a restaurant – 

  • User-friendly App/Website 

Customers use different online modes to place orders. A well-designed app or website is essential to optimize the menu. It should be integrated directly with restaurant POS system. An online menu should be readable and has all the vital information like quantity, price, discounts, etc. Clear CTA is also important like “Order Now” button to place orders. 

  • Transparency 

A transparent relationship with customer is also important to gain trust. Hence, it is vital to maintain proper flow of communication. This way, restaurants can provide important information like various ordering options, average delivery time, and status of their order. 

  • Social Media

Social media can drastically improve brand awareness for any business. With the increasing use of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, there are so many platforms to promote your business and improve ROI. Social media marketing should be given equal importance to optimize online ordering on mobile apps and website. Promote food ordering completely through social media networks. Provide website link or mobile app of your restaurant on social media handles. 

  • POS Software

Restaurant POS software must be integrated into the operations to track orders and workflow directly through a central dashboard. A robust POS solution is important to gather important customer data, monitor top performing channel for receiving orders, and manage requests from several marketing channels smoothly. There are different benefits of POS to boost customer loyalty and make marketing efforts smoother.

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