4 POS Software Strategies to Level Up Your Restaurant Business in 2022

Posted by Jim Walker

COVID-19 has literally changed restaurant industry in the past few years. With in-person dining was affected due to COVID-19 guidelines, restaurants were forced to wait for yet another holiday season. But holiday parties shouldn’t be the only money maker for restaurants, with some innovative tweaks in your restaurant POS software, you can get set to kick-start this winter. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking 

There are so many apps for tracking COVID-19 vaccine certificates. Restaurants can use their iPad or smartphone to scan the QR code of vaccine records of customers and track the validity of vaccine record. It is especially important where vaccination proof is important to allow in-person dining. 

Stay up-to-date with latest advancements 

In this day and age, you might definitely be using some kind of restaurant POS system. For many restaurants, they can be another burden to learn and may not have all the tasks they need. The thing is that many managers and owners don’t have time to learn all its functions and they rarely take time to stay ahead with latest advancements when new features are added with every update. But it is important to avoid running flat and to keep your business ahead in competition. 

Online Ordering 

Customers choose to place orders for delivery in up to 63% of cases directly from restaurants instead of third-party apps. Digital ordering is used by around 98% of customers and 70% of orders are placed digitally rather than in-person. Customers will more likely prefer placing order for your hot food and beverages rather than fighting a snowstorm, especially when your restaurant is located in a snowy place. 

Loyalty Programs 

This is the favorite thing of most customers. This is the main reason why most customer visit restaurants again and again. According to the “National Restaurant Association”, around 64% of restaurant’s business relies on repeat customers.

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