Aldelo Express POS for Restaurants

Posted by Jim Walker

Aldelo Express gives restaurants, bars, merchants, and other businesses a strategic advantage. A cloud-based iPad POS solution that is ideal for both fixed and portable point-of-sale requirements. Aldelo Express elevates minimalism, usability, and functionality uniqueness to new heights.

Easy-to-use Point of Sale

From the easy-to-use installation process to the user-friendly style and layout, the Aldelo Express possibly may be the easiest but most feature-rich Point of Sale system. With brilliant functions like Gifts, Kiosks, Kitchen Displays, Buyer Display, and a flexible API that enables a variety of third-party applications, it can manage the most basic goods to the most sophisticated pies with minimal effort.

  • In minutes, the Installation Wizard will have you fully operational.
  • Third-party applications and POS expansion are both possible with an open user interface. 

Online or Offline, it doesn’t matter

Concerned that cloud-based services won’t operate if the internet goes down? With Aldelo Express, it won’t be a problem with context to being interrupted when placing orders, printing cooking and customer receipts, and much more. All of the information is secure on the local iPad when the internet goes down, and it syncs up instantly when the connection is restored.

  • ​Even if the network goes down, you can still place orders.
  • Even if the internet goes down, keep printing in the kitchen.
  • When the connection is reconnected, data instantly synchronise.

Unparalleled Savings & Efficiency 

Businesses that use Aldelo Express don’t ever need to spend for Tech Support or system updates, and businesses who use certain microprocessors enjoy Free Software, Free Assistance, Free Menu Coding, Free 1 hour Instruction, Free Multi Outlet Gifts, Free API Membership, Free Merchants Access, Free Registration Modifications, and much more.  When contrasted to the existing point of sale supplier, this might save thousands of dollars every year. 

  • Software that is free to use
  • Free Software Updates
  • Extraordinary Savings

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