Aldelo Liquor Controller – Controls the distribution of alcoholic beverages.

Posted by Jim Walker

Improved Liquor Accountability

  • The Aldelo Liquor Controller is essential for eliminating illicit liquor servings and increasing liquor responsibility for bars and pubs.
  • Aldelo Liquor Controller works in combination with Berg Liquor Dispenser machinery to provide a one-of-a-kind approach that assists companies in minimising liquor wastage while boosting profits.
  • Clubs and pubs may earn on each server using Aldelo Liquor Controller, allowing them to completely capitalize on their liquor inventories. Without legal clearance, bartenders will no longer be able to give complimentary beverages.

Completely integrated with the restaurant POS system

  • In order to give clients a smooth operational experience, Aldelo Liquor Controller is completely incorporated with Aldelo for Restaurants.
  • Each beverage order filed in Aldelo for Restaurants is sent across TCP/IP to Aldelo Liquor Control for pouring authorisation. Similarly, each drink that is rejected in Aldelo for Restaurants will result in the automatic loss of pour permission in Aldelo Liquor Controller.
  • The incorporated Berg Liquor Dispenser System would only serve if only the pour orders are authorised by the Aldelo Liquor Controller, resulting in safe liquor control.

A Fresh Approach to Liquor Management

  • Aldelo Liquor Controller is a revolutionary new approach to keep track of liquor inventory, avoid wastage, and boost drink sales.
  • The savings gained by avoiding pour errors, minimising illegal pours, and improving liquor monitoring not only boost profitability prospects but also save time and enhance productivity.

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