Elo’s industry-leading touchscreen monitors

Posted by Jim Walker

Stunning monitors ranging in size from 7 to 27 inches: Elo’s industry-leading touch displays are offered in sizes ranging from 7 to 27 inches, allowing you to rediscover your touchscreen experience. All Elo devices are constructed to survive the rigours of constant public usage and are manufactured at the production stage with touch integration from the beginning, enabling them well-suited for dense usage situations.

Customizable touch screen Monitors: Elo Touchscreen Displays are built with a consistent appearance throughout all sizes ranging from 7-inch to 27-inch, with choices for broad and regular screen resolution monitors. Elo touchscreen displays are well-suited for POS, point-of-information, signs, and hospitality purposes because of their small compact shape and clean look, which allows for seamless installation. And, using a range of accessories, the displays may be customised to fit the specifications of your design.

Why should you go with Elo?

Touchscreen Integration: Elo’s industry-leading PCAP touchscreen innovation provides a tablet-like interface with 10-touch input.

Mounting Flexibility: Elo monitors come with a number of mounting solutions to accommodate your setup needs.

Peripherals: Elo monitors are functional with the Elo Edge Connect peripherals, whether you require a barcode reader to scan objects or an EMV to allow safe payment. You’ll have the necessary accessories and an extra port to enable third-party peripherals.Built-to-Last: The touchscreen monitors give the excellence and trustworthiness for which Elo is recognised, and they are supported by a 3-year guarantee. Elo develop, implement, and are accountable for the entire solution, with touch incorporated from the beginning.

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