Aldelo EDC

Posted by Jim Walker

Aldelo EDC (Electronic Data Capture) refers to credit card firmware that enables Aldelo Restaurant POS to safely interface with credit card processors in order to acquire a transaction confirmation promptly. 

Authorization of credit cards is quick and secure.

  • Aldelo EDC tokenized data and doesn’t ever save credit card details using the most up-to-date encryption technologies. Authorizations are received quickly, and the operations run efficiently.
  • Aldelo EDC employs cutting-edge technology to provide users with credit card processing choices.
  • Swipe the card as usual. Aldelo EDC will encrypt the input and receive fast authorization.
  • Insert the Credit card into the scanner. Aldelo EDC will thereafter discreetly handle the payment and receive authorization.
  • Aldelo EDC will promptly confirm the payment if you tap the reader with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any secured digital form of payment.

Restaurants and bars are increasingly accepting credit cards and electronic payments. The major payment method is no longer cash. This implies that the owner is under more pressure to handle all forms of transactions securely and discreetly. Aldelo EDC can help with that. Aldelo EDC evolves with technology. Aldelo is among the earliest to provide safe EMV transactions. Aldelo was also among the earliest to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay, and additional forms of digital payment. Users of Aldelo Pay Merchant Services will always have the most up-to-date electronic payment software. Aldelo EDC includes all of the features and assistance that a business requires to perform smoothly. Users can batch manually or automatically. If need assistance batching, Aldelo offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Consumers can contribute tips to their transactions. Digital payment possibilities are constantly developing. The software at Aldelo EDC is regularly updated to accommodate such emerging payment options.

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