Top 5 Tech Trends for Retail Establishments to Look for in 2022

Posted by Jim Walker

Retail industry has seen great disruptions in 2021 by optimizing supply chain and inventory. They evolved to meet new customer demands like order online and takeaway, same-day delivery, or contactless delivery. Digitalization brought a lot of opportunities for repeat purchases and new customers. Here are some of the trends to continue enjoying success in 2022 – 

  • Omnichannel retailing – The supply chain was hit badly by the pandemic for a long time. Retailers worked hard to ensure consistent experience while bringing new channels like WhatsApp. It is important for retailers to provide a single view of items for all fulfillment options. Retailers can handle suggested-selling, channel-wise pricing with ease. 
  • Q-commerce – Convenience and speed are two big things for retailers to attract customers. As the name suggests, quick-commerce or “Q-commerce” refers to rapid and on-demand delivery for better “last-mile experience”. Retailers can come up with a fool-proof delivery management app to control delivery staff, delivery, returns, and cash flow.  In addition, they should replace complex processes like manual accounting, manual entries, etc. 
  • Cloud POS – Businesses can easily upgrade to the cloud of any size as there is just a part of truth. With Cloud POS systems for retailers, businesses can grow and integrate smoothly to their businesses. They can enjoy elasticity in the cloud to either scale down or scale up. 
  • AI, IoT and Machine Learning – Retailers can make the most of IoT, Machine Learning and AI by stimulating predictive selling, inventory control, automation, forecasting demand, real-time insights, and auto-reorder. 

Single view for customer – Self-checkout and contactless payments are some of the ways for retailers to better review, assess, and personalize marketing and loyalty programs, cross-selling/upselling, pricing, etc. for frictionless and accelerated experience.  It can also help in bringing innovations to the retail store during pandemic.

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