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Avigilon Corporation was launched in 2004 by Alexander Fernandes in Vancouver, Canada. Avigilon publicly proclaimed the first HD supervision design assembled from the base in 2006 and started marketing its services in 2007. The product possessed an 11 MP camera and HD network video recording software. Subsequently, Avigilon has extended its services to maintain a vast spectrum of HD cameras, from 1-30 MP (7K) in resolution, and diverse camera configurations, including dome, bullet, and fixed. The corporation has evolved well-defined for its state-of-the-art video analytics, involving Avigilon Appearance Search and Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) approaches and resolutions configured to incorporate heritage tools into innovative HD video supervision techniques combining its analogue cipher and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Appliance. The company also released Avigilon Blue, its first cloud platform for security and surveillance, in 2018.

Avigilon went public on November 8, 2011, on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). It maintained its pace in the stock market till the year 2014 after which the company portfolio depicted the downfall and eventually was acquired. In 2018, the company was acquired by Motorola Solutions, and the deal was sealed, worth C$1.2 billion. The acquisition accelerated the growth scale of the Avigilon bar graph, which was sluggish and fluctuated after 2015. Avigilon access managing solutions complement cameras, detectors, and infrastructure implanted with cutting-edge video analytics and are devised to be straightforward and convenient to operate. The Video Security and Analytics technology within the Products and Systems Integration segment represented 14% of the net sales of the total segment in 2020. The company offered a wide variety of advanced security and video solutions including video analytics, network video management hardware and software, video cameras, and access control solutions. The graph shows the Motorola solutions bar graph as this company acquired the avigilon.

Company 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Motorola solutions 100 123.90 138.08 179.00 254.52 273.33
S&P 500 100 111.95 136.38 130.39 171.44 202.96
S&P communications 100 118.92 151.16 173.96 197.28 198.53

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