Best POS system for your business

Posted by Jim Walker

The POS system allows the businesses to accept payments from the customers, maintain records of the sales and manage the overall business operations. The modern or latest POS combines the hardware and software which enables the system to be used as a barcode scanner,  card swiper, and reader as well as receipt printer with a touch screen functionality. Starting from a petrol to a small retail shop the POS equipment is easily found today.  Therefore looking for the right POS equipment is very confusing for business owners. Therefore this would guide you with the best POS system to choose from for your business-

  1. Best POS hardware options – Clover, is one of the best POS systems for restaurant owners and e-commerce businesses,  the installation and setup are easy to use, and has a wide collection of hardware.
  2. Best POS for all size Restaurants- Toast, is suitable for all size restaurants and has contactless ordering options for users, with a starting charge of 69 dollars every month.
  3. Best POS for the Retail Units – Light Speed, works best for the retailing businesses and restaurants with an initial price of $69 per month and has a robust industry with specific and specialized features. 
  4. Best POS for Guest Experience- Touchbistro, has a tableside guest ordering feature and 200 + focused features for restaurants with a starting charge of $69 every month. 
  5. Best POS system for Bricks and Mortar Businesses- Square,  has a free plan program suitable for restaurants, retailers, and other services and has an affordable hardware service. 
  6. Best POS for tracking and monitoring the Sales- Go Daddy.
  7. Best POS for the payment terminals- Card Connect.
  8. Best POS for ease of use- Epos Now.
  9. Best POS for all types of customization business- Lavu.
  10. Best POS for the transparent pricing –


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