5 Key Features to Consider when Looking for POS System for Your Hunting and Fishing Store

Fishing, trapping and hunting made US$522.5 billion industry in the US alone in 2020. A hunting and fishing store owner must maintain advanced technologies to meet the increasing demand for fishing and hunting supplies across the nation. This way, a cash register can provide smooth service to the customers. Here’s what to consider when looking for a POS system for fishing and hunting stores – 

Serialized Product Management 

A hunting and fishing store has a huge range of products and inventory should meet increasing demand. Hunters need a lot of gears for their sport. An efficient POS system can easily guess what is important for hunting and what is inseparable for the customer.  

Help in Bulk Sales 

Anglers and hunters have different needs. So, a store operator should be able to deal with both customers. Fishing gear is not just serialized. It is merely one category of item which is sold in hunting and fishing shops.  There is also a lack of a unique code in some products. They should still be listed in inventory for sales. An efficient POS system can manage bulk sales of goods like fishing line. Store owners can see the numbers they have in stock and sold. 


It goes without saying that deals attract customers. Promotions are offered by a lot of businesses to bring new customers in the stores and it is very important for a hunting and fishing store to do the same. An efficient POS program enables offering various kinds of promotions. 

Inventory Management 

It is very important feature of POS system for a retail business. It shows volume of products at the given time. You must have clear indication of the quantities in fishing store to meet the needs of customers. 


A POS system can be helpful to control products and increase sales. A cash register software is capable in cross-selling of products. It can recommend complementary or similar products a customer can add to their cart during checkout. It provides better service and increases revenue at the end of the day. 

4 Key Features of POS Software that can Boost your Ski Shop Sales during Peak Winter

Winter is the peak season to make the most of cold weather by offering your ski equipment. A POS system is very important to maintain high demand in ski shop. Here are some of the key features to look for in a POS system to optimize your ski store during peak winter – 


A POS system must have a “renting” feature, especially when you have several or one ski store. You can track your rentals closely with the customers and manage late fees or prices. When a customer opts for renting boots, skis, poles or any ski equipment, the POS software is important to meet those needs to ensure that the important procedures and rates are tracked. A Pos system should be an all-in-one solution to save additional cost and time for providing this service. 


A POS system must be adapted to your business needs to improve the management. With a POS solution having “Consignment” feature, you can offer cash or credit and take ski equipment in consignment in case products are sold. It enables you to track the goods consigned to add another source of revenue. 

Ski Repair and Maintenance 

It is obvious that customers might come back with damaged items for repair in a ski store. The POS software can make it easier to handle repair and maintenance of ski equipment. This system can record customer data and save a lot of time. It can perform proper follow-up of repairs with personalized status to improve management and provide quality service with the same token. 

Safety and Security 

It is another important feature which need attention. Retail experts must be asked whether the system meets safety standards before buying. A POS system can recover and protect all the data in case any incident happens like fire, theft, or flood.

4 Benefits of POS system for Your Video Game Store

There are several benefits for having a POS system in a video game store. With high turnover and inventory size in a store, the POS software can be very helpful to optimize your sales. Here are some of the benefits of a point-of-sale system for your video game store – 

Exchange and Buyback Programs 

There are chances that a customer would want to sell games at the store while a store would be willing to buy them to sell again. A POS system can sell and buy products at the same time with its “Buyback and Exchange” program. This software can also print product label and barcode to put it back at the store. A client could also exchange a game for another one and POS system can help them to do so. A POS system can boost transaction speed, save sales accurately, and minimize waiting lines. 

Loyalty Bonus

A video game store may offer membership cards to reward for loyalty to the customer and give them a reason to come back next time. A loyalty clientele is a boon to a business and it is also less expensive than acquiring new customers. 

A video game store can offer rentals for customers to try the game before buying it. However, managing rentals is complex because of various aspects like rental duration, renter’s name, late fees, total games rented, and other specifics. This way, POS software can manage game rental control for the store owner. 

Having an online store 

Taking your gaming store online can be a great way to multiply your sales and visibility. POS system can help track your customers and improve their experience. It can be integrated to various eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.